Friday, December 16, 2011

How Adsense Ads on Blogger Pay?

In the blog post inside Adsense Google informed that it pays 68% of what is receives to publishers. But do publishers on Blogger receive 68%? Or ads on bloggers are paid less to take care of hosting costs on Blogger. Of course it will be good, if Blogger keeps a share and remains profitable business. May be Google can insert a blogger search facility and keep the revenue from the search results for itself. Actually, when we are publishing some ads are coming along with the posted message. But bloggers may not normally click those advertisements. They fear Google advertisements. So it will be good, if Google inserts search facility on Blogger landing page for visitors and inserts search ads in those results.

68% is content and 51% is for search advertisements.

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  1. My AdSense settings show 68% for content and 51% for search advertisements. Two-year experience in Blogger shows $0.30 - $0.40 per month, way below the average. Non-google ads and especially images and animations performs better.