Saturday, December 31, 2011

Graduate From Novice Blogspot - Blogger to Professional Blogger

How many professional bloggers are out there.

In USA there are 450,000 professional bloggers. Even Bureau of Labor Statistics reported them. That number is as good as the number of lawyers in USA. So professional blogger, who writes for earning money either on his own, or as a paid writer for Blogging sites is an important income earner.

But how do you graduate into a professional blogger. By starting a blog as a novice on freely available blog hosting platforms.

Any role models?

Take Marshall Kirkpatrick

Read his story as told in a 2010 article wherein he mentions his initial blogging effort as a blogspot blogger.

Interesting write up
How to become a freelance blog writer - June 2007 Leo Babauta
Mentioned that he makes $2000 a month extra apart from his full time job
Advises people to start with their own blog first

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