Sunday, December 18, 2011

Online Advertising Revenues Forecast 2012

Global ad spending in major media will rise to $486 billion in 2012 (4.7% growth)(Adage)



Total Internet advertising in 2011 will be $78.5 billion
Google's total advertising revenue in 2010 is $28.236 billion. In it $19.44 billion is from its own properties and $8.792 billion is from Network members' websites

In the third quarter US internet advertising spend increased to $7.9 billion (IAB, Nov)

IAB (Nov)

PEW research on Online media types and advertising growth

Digital advertising revenue of New York Times Media Group, which publishes the New York Time, increased 6.2% to $50.3m in the three months to September 2011, compared with a 10.4% drop in print advertising revenue in the period.

Demand media second quarter revenue is up at $76.6 million exclusive of traffic acquision costs. 13,000 writers contribute article to the sites of Demand media.

Advertisers spent $22.7 billion online in 2009 — 3.4% less than they spent in 2008.


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