Saturday, January 7, 2012

E-Petition to The President of USA - White House.Gov Petitions

E-Democracy got a boost with President Barack Obama initiating a whitehouse petitions facility on website.

Now Americans have a direct line to the Whitehouse. The President listens to them.

Anyone 13 years or above can create the petition and canvass for support. The current threshold is 5000 supporters for a guaranteed review of the petition by Whitehouse staff.

The first amendment gives support to Americans to assemble peacefully and create petitions. This petition facility of Whitehouse provides tne E-Assembly facility to people of USA to assemble and create petitions.

Some Petitions

Adopt the Principal Paydown Plan - Help families avoid foreclosure!/petition/help-families-avoid-foreclosure-stabilize-housing-market-and-boost-economy-adopt-principal-paydown/Yj4rq2l8


E-Petition Sites of other Governments


Comments on E-Petition Schemes

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