Sunday, January 8, 2012

Web Studio 5.0 - Web Design Software

Web Studio's easy WYSIWYG* interface makes it easy  to create a website with a professional edge.

Tens of thousands of customers have created professional-looking websites for businesses, organizations, government, schools, or just about anything. One of the best features of Web Studio as claimed by the company  is that it is a web design program that you won't outgrow.

Web Studio has everything one needs to create and upload a  site. It has galleries with backgrounds, buttons, color schemes and other graphics that  can be used to design  web pages. Also user made graphics can be inserted.

Web Studio has unlimited expansion.  You can create your own graphics and insert them into Web Studio. Use the HTML editor to bring in your own HTML and also edit the HTML of the objects and pages of your website.

Many professional web designers use Web Studio because it reduces the time it takes them to create and build their websites.

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