Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blogging and Career - Beginning and Growth

Students can write blogs and attract the attention of prospective employers. The idea is there and many students are writing blogs. Especially media students are being encouraged to write blogs and demonstrate their content creation skills to media companies.

A career consultant advocates professionals in service also to write blogs as it will help them in finding better career opportunities. He advises the executives to have a well designed blog.

A professional and well designed blog can be a wonderful opportunity to highlight your skills, showing that you are:

- Intelligent, creative and able to write clearly on relevant topics.
- Motivated and interested in your field of practice.
- An expert in a particular area.
- Passionate about your profession.
- Keen to enter dialogue and engage with like minds.
- A good cultural fit who has something to offer an employer.

Building the right profile

There are a number of excellent web publishing programs such as WordPress and Blogger that will enable and advise you on how best to develop your professional profile online.

Here are some key tips to ensure you build your profile in a professional and relevant manner:

- Blog only about what you know and then only if it relates to your immediate job search.
- Make sure that the material is accurate and well written.
- Comment on press coverage and market trends relevant to your industry/profession.
- Avoid negative rants on a blog.
- Use a professional looking head-and-shoulders photo.
- Connect with respected bloggers in your space.
- Set up a professional Twitter account with tweets linking to your blog.
- Keep your blogs and website professional rather than social.

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