Sunday, January 1, 2012

Has Blogging Reached Its Peak? No. There is Lot of Headroom Still

Is Blogging Dead?

Has Blogging Reached Its Peak?

There are many authors writing on this issue and some concluding that blogging has reached its peak. But has it reached its peak in terms of readership? No.

I made a collection of blog bench marks in the article Is your blog successful?
45,000 page views per month can be taken as a successful blog. indicates on 1.1.2012 that there are 181 million blogs.
New blogs are being generated at the rate of 90,000 blogs per day.

If a million blogs out of 181 million blogs roughly 0.5% of the blogs aim to be successful blogs with page view of 50,000 per month, these top one million blogs can have 50 billion page views.

The present total page views for entire blogosphere can be estimated as 15 billion page views per month. The estimates is based on around 5 billion page views per month for Blogspot blogs. Compare 50 billion page views per month for top one million blogs with total 15 million page views for entire blogosphere now. We can see the headroom available for blogs to grow.

What is required to be done to promote blog readers?

Bloggers have to be made aware of the possibility of growth in readership and page views for their blogs and they have to be assisted in promoting their content. Creating a list of top million blogs can be an important step. Alexa has top million websites. An exclusive top million blog list is also required.

Internet Users - Data as on 31st March 2011

2,095,006,005  Internet users
6,930,055,144 World Population

Source:  accessed on 1.1.2012
World population crossed 7 billion now. There is scope for rapid increase in internet users in countries like India. Educational blogs are yet to come into full use.

To estimate the potential of blogosphere we can think of one visit to blog each day by each internet user as a bench mark. That  gives 2 billion page views per day for blogosphere with the current internet users. It gives the complete potential as 7 billion page views per day.

Similarly we can think for websites that provide various facilities and maintained by various commercial and service organizations, around 3 visits per day each internet users.

What about news sites? What about entertainment sites? What about social networks? We need to come out with some benchmarks for them.

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