Thursday, January 26, 2012

Google Social Mail - Now Available as Google+

Google Social Mail - The Concept

Google mail is not integrated with Orkut. Similarly Google did not use its mail to promote its social products. Google was not comfortable in using its mail facilities to promote its social products. But social networking platforms like Facebook, and Twitter used email accounts and facilities to make their products popular. Their argument was that user is giving the email account to them to send emails to his inbox. But the reality is that email boxes are getting choked by mails being generated by social networks.

Google is trying its best to get into social products and tools. Google Social Mail can solve certain problems and also facilitate Google's social product portfolio.

Google social mail is generated by each gmail user and will be used to register with various social networks. Even if a user uses regular gmail account, a default social mail account will be generated and mails of social networks will be diverted to that mail. Social mail can be accessed only from regular email like the Google Buzz facility.

Google need not hesitate to integrate social mail with orkut. Social mail inboxes can be cleared after every six months and the user can be given notice to mark important mails as important and these will be preserved and rest of the mails of a month can be cleared after six months. This will reduce the clutter in the inboxes.

The regular mail will have only really important correspondence and users will have better access to their important correspondence as routine social mail is stored in social mail account.

Google can integrate its social products and allow the users the option of various levels of integration. For instance Google groups and orkut can be integrated. An orkut group can also function as Google group. A Google group can also function as Orkut group. It is left to the option of the owner of the group. Any new social product of Google can be integrated with other social products if such a possibility exists. Orkut now has public personal messages from orkut users and they can be aggregated into a twitter like service. Buzz-messages. The Buzz messages can be recirculated or I-buzzed.  The present Buzz can be used Buzz-discussion. Around social mail, Google can introduce many social products and integrate them and them and link all services to social mail.

The social mail inbox can have folder for each social network of the user and can provide connect button to each network also. This will make accessing various sites very easy for the gmail user.


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