Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Community Marketing for Blogs and Online Articles

Why post a blog or an online article if you are not prepared to marketing it in internet streets?

One has to post an article only if he is prepared to do the marketing and related marketing communications. Of course, one can post otherwise also but the chances will be that nobody visits it because nobody in the world knows its existence. It is like a note that you kept in your locker under lock and key.

Search engine marketing and social media marketing are the two leading online marketing tools for online articles. If you are publishing on an article platform like Knol, you have the author and visitor community of the platform as a separate group. Your friend circle and personal contacts are another group with whom you can share articles.

If you post and will just sit there
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Article Marketing

Find out what your likely readers want to read?

Do a survey and find out what your potential readers want to read.

Do a key word search

Production of the online article

Improve the content of your articles.
Improve the presentation and readability.
Take care of grammar and spelling.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is making your article search engine friendly so that search engines index your articles and give it a higher rank in the search result.

Using key words effectively


Ways to acquire inbound links

Social Media Marketing

Promoting Online Article through Social Media Sites

Community Marketing

When authors are writing on article platforms, they need to market their article in their community of authors and visitors.

Using Social Features of HubPages to Promote your Hubs

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