Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Bloggers Fail?

Blogging is publishing articles or content without the support of publishers, professional editors, proof readers and artists.

Bloggers have to be classfied first as personal bloggers and employed bloggers. Employed bloggers are writing for their company, but still they have little support of professional editors etc. and it is their writing and publishing directly without day to day intervention from others in the organization.

Personal bloggers have to be classified further as Writing for pleasure bloggers, Writing for audience bloggers, Writing for money bloggers.

There can be a failure in all categories. But more specifically bloggers writing for reasonable audience and for money are failing in large numbers. What can be the reasons?

10 Reasons Why Blogs Fail?
Lack for preparation and attention to content development.

Why Blogs Fail?
First reason is focus on money and not focus on content provision. No passion to provide useful content to people.

Problems with business blogs

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