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Criticism of Blogger - The Google Blogging Platform

Criticism of Knol and Criticism of Blogger - Do They Look Similar

Criticism of Knol and Criticism of Blogger - Do They Look Similar

2004: Blogger has 1.5 million blogs. only 300,000 are active. Average active blog gets 25 page views per day.


16 Feb 2003

Google's first mistake


everybody's gonna be buzzing about Google buying Pyra, but my take is that it's not really that great a fit.


More to the point, Google's consistent marketing message so far has been, "We do search, and we don't want to be a portal". My relationship with Pyra and Blogger goes back a long, long way and their tool has always seemed to be about creation of content.
June 2004

How does Blogger make any money?

Through advertisement revenue
I assumed that Blogger has 1.5 million blogs, but only 300,000 of them are active, and that the average active blog gets 25 page views per day (most blogs don’t get very many visits). With these numbers, Google might be making $2 million per year in advertising revenue. It might cost Google $500,000 per year for the storage space, servers, bandwidth, and personnel to host all those sites and run the Blogger application.
Taking care hardware cost alone it can make $1.5 million per year.
If there are 20 employees in the Blogger division, and the average employee is making $100,000 per year (these are high paid computer programmers ), that’s another $2 million in expenses. So now Blogger is losing $500,000 per year.
If there are fewer employees or more ad revenue and Google may be  breaking even.


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Narayana Rao - 13 May 2011

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