Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers

Ghost Writers


Ghost writers help aspiring authors by doing the bulk of the writing and allow the authors to affix their name to the publication either article or book.
Definitely they do a service to the author. While people with expertise in editing can only structure the article from the original manuscript given by an author, ghost writers have the capability to research the sources and come up with the articles.
Many of the corporate CEOs may be using ghost writers to publish articles under their name in various publications. If the article is good credit goes to both the ghost writer as well as the senior executive.

Tiffany Dow 

Tiffany Dow  ( offers her services for developing various articles including knols. People with knowledge but with less time to sit down and prepare knols may make use of services commercial authors willing to help them to put their knowledge into knols.

Penn Group's Ghostwriter Service

If you have a truly original story or idea and wish to transform it into a novel, nonfiction book, or screenplay, then you have already taken the first step towards success. The Penn Group's ghostwriter service has a proven record of transforming ideas into published, critically acclaimed works. Our clients are celebrities, top businesspeople, and other exceptional individuals.
Andrew Crofts
One of the leaders in the  ghost writer field is Andrew Crofts (his website,, lists many of his titles, although he is more often anonymous). Based in Britain his books sell all over the world, often reaching number one in the sales charts. (At one time he had three in the charts simultaneously in the UK and several of his titles have been the best selling titles of their year in countries like England and France).

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