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My Management Gurus

My Management Gurus

My Management Gurus



My Grandfather
Not interfering with day to day issues once authority was handed over.
My Grandmother
Taking leadership when the situation demanded her to take up the initiative.
Extracurricular achievements. He was an authority on office administration apart from being a top class teacher. All the educational institutes in the town consulted him.
Managing within the available resources and still showing great progress. Never showed her despair with the circumstances or situation.
Prof. G. Sankara Rao
He set a personal example in discipline.
Prof Lakshminarayana
A very humane person who used treat many people on an equal level. Always ready to help.
Y. Venkateswara Rao
A technical man with all the managerial skills. Acquired from his involvement in sports, college politics as well as real political issues. He supported his people all the way. He never gave up on any of his colleagues.
J.P. Vasandani
A person who had grasp of behaviour of people as well as business situation.
Motilal Oswal
Commitment to learning in whenever opportunity is there.
Ramdeo Aggarwal
He studies books in the seat of a managing director
Prof Y K Bhushan
Belief in the initiative of people. He manages the outside and relies on insiders to excel.
Prof Panduranga Rao
Versatile style of leadership.
Col. Prasad
Humble and courteous despite great achievement in managing many things.
Dr. S.D.Awale
Dr. Awale is similar in style to Prof Bhushan. Tries best to maintain good environment in the system for people to work in groups and achieve.  Follows the definition of Koontz and O'Donnel for management.

Scientists, Theory Builders, Text book Writers

F.W. Taylor
Koontz and O'Donnell
L.D. Miles

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