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Write During Holidays

Write Knols in Holidays

Write Knols in Holidays

Writing - A Holiday Craft

Teachers, Trainers and Preachers - Use holidays to write knols. Written materials are essential to spread your message to your immediate audience as well as audience far and wide. Knol offers you a cost effective and convenient opportunity.









Knol - A Great Platform for Creating Written


Knol is a great platform to create written materials on various topics that you know.
Knol is especially relevant for teachers, trainers and professors (Many professors are already writing knols Professors - Writing Knols - Knollers).
Teachers spend a lot of time explaining things to people through spoken word as well as things written on the black board. Nowadays power point slides are a substitute for the blackboard.
But teachers and students use written materials  to further the learning of students.
Many practioners feel that existing text books do not contain relevant practical examples. Knol offers these practiotioners an opportunity to develop the examples. Then these examples can be picked up by teachers to use them in their classes.
Electronic publishing has created an opportunity for teachers as well as others to create written learning materials in a cost effective way.
Knol is one such plat form,  a superior platform as it is a wiki platform. It allows collaboration from any body in the world. It allows for revisions to the written materials by persons all over the world.
For instance this knol is an open collaboration knol. You can edit this knol and add the material you want to include in this article. You click on the edit button on the top right of this knol and an edit tool bar appears at the top. You can edit it this article. Using this mechanism you can involve your other family members and colleagues to develop the material.
It is a very simple platform to use.
There are enough knols by knol help to help you get started.

Knols by Knol Help to Help you in Writing Knols

Ads in Knol - Opportunity to Earn

Knols on writing knols by Knol Authors

Scientific and Medical Writing ( a very popular knol - 10,132 views)
In case of any doubts, a big author community is there to clarify things.
Make these holidays productive.
You can enjoy the success of your effort as you see many visitors reading your knols and appreciating you for the help you provided to them by sharing your knowledge.
If you need any clarification write in the comments.

After you write a knol

Announce it on
the bulletin board
Insert in the knol in
New Knols of December

You can use knol for various purposes.

Your son or daughter is studying in a different place. You can prepare some useful study material for him in knol. Thereby you can help your son or daughter but you are going to help many other children. Actually I am writing notes for physics, chemistry and mathematics in this mode only.
You can write some materials to inform your brothers and sisters useful to them in their jobs. You don't have to send emails to them. You update the material in the knol at your convenience and they access them at their convenience.
Teachers can use knols to keep communication lines open with their alumni.
Doctors can use knols to inform their patients routine issues connected to their illness.
Preachers can write daily prayers on the knol so that people can access them online and use it in their prayers.





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