Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is Social Media Overtaking Professional Media in Digital World?

Has digital world changed the roles?

Is social media and social content produced by amateurs overtaking the professional media in terms of quantum of content as well use of it. While the usage of any individual item produced by amateurs is expected to be low as compared to the content produced by professional content producers, if one looks at usage of content by users in any particular period the social media content may have an equal proportion.

While in text contet, there may not be any research on this issue, in video content, now there is a Pew study.

The study reported:

Citizens play a substantial role in supplying and producing footage. More than a third of the most watched videos (39%) were clearly identified as coming from citizens. Another 51% bore the logo of a news organization, though some of that footage, too, appeared to have been originally shot by users rather than journalists. (5% came from corporate and political groups, and the origin of another 5% was not identified.)

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