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Interesting Knols - Pa to Pz

Interesting Knols - Pa to Pz

Interesting Knols - Pa to Pz

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Package Forwarding to Greece Makes Designer Fashion Shopping Easy
Packing House’ Water Hardness: It’s Effect on Banana Fruit Processing
Pacuare River
Paddy Chew
Paid Surveys - A Full Guide
Pain Management Options
Painting Giants
Pairs, Kuratowski pairs, and reality
Pakistan's Politics - Common man perspective
Palestine...Gaza Genocide By Jews Terrorists in occupied lands
Palestinian Myths
Palestinian Refugees
Palestinian State specifications offered by the ‘Israelis’
Palm Desert, CA Adventure
Palm Springs, California
Pancho Barnes
Pancreatic Cancer
Pandemic Preparation - H5N1
Panic Attacks
Pantelleria || Daughter of the Wind
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper Shredder Information and Facts
Paper Shredding
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery
Paradox and Poetics
Parapsychology and the Paranormal
Parcel Forwarding Gets Fashions To Hong Kong from America
Parent's Guide to Fencing
Parental Alienation Syndrome and Divorce
Parental Rights and Freedoms
Parenting Tips and Tricks
Parents save tax with Childcare Vouchers
Parents, Get a Clue: What Teens are Really Doing Online Plus: Tips on How to Talk to Your Teen about Internet Safety
Paris Hilton
Paris Metro
Parish Registers
Park City, Utah
Parking Cars in Manhattan, New York City
Parkinson's Disease
Pay Per Click Optimization
Payday Loans
Payment Systems
Payroll Development and the Perfect System

Peace Corps impact
Peace Corps volunteers
Peak Oil Facts: How to Survive the Coming Crisis
Pedagogical grammar
Pediatric Massage
Pediatric Medication Errors
Pediatric Sports Injuries
Pediatric Stroke
Peer-to-peer Sharing
Penetration Testing
Pension Release
Pentax P-TTL Hot Shoe Flash Comparison
Pentomic Division
People Like Us 3
People only see what they see and what they think they see and somewhere in between is the truth
People search
People, Ideas & Objects - Business Model
People, Ideas & Objects - Technical Vision
People, Ideas & Objects Part I
People, Ideas & Objects Part II
Peopling of the Nile Valley
Peptic ulcer Disease
Perceiving vs. Judging
Perfect Pulled Pork Recipe
Performance Benchmarking
Performance Comparison of Different Techniques for Available BandwidthMeasurement in Packet Switched Networks
Performance best practices
Perioral Dermatitis (Periorificial Dermatitis)
Peripheral Arterial Disease
Periyar University
Permanent Hair Removal
Perseverance in Prayer
Persian Gulf
Personal Bankruptcy
Personal Bankruptcy in Canada
Personal Development Books
Personal Development and Success
Personal Effects Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Personal Goal Setting
Personal Goal Setting
Personal Hygiene
Personal Rapid Transit
Personal Responsibility
Personal Success Strategies
Personal Symbols
Personality Disorders, History of
Personality Psychology
Personality in context of social adaptations
Personalization Strategies and Benefits
Personalizing RSS Feeds with ASP.NET 2.0
Perspective on the US Divorce Epidemic
Perspectives From An Educator: Building Literacy Skills in Children
Perspectives From An Educator: All Day Kindergarten
Pests Woes Bedevil New Construction and Vacant Homes
Pet Care Options
Pet Cats
Peter Brown's "Augustine of Hippo"
Peyronie's Disease: Acquired Deformity of the penis

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry Overview 2007
Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Diagnostic, Medical Device Industry
Pharmacologic Stress Testing and Imaging
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Phil Guy
Phil Steele's EXTREME 15
Philadelphia SEO Website Design and Development for Small Businesses
Phishing with Super Bait
Phoenix, Arizona Area Top 10 Attractions
Phone Card
Photo Filters
Photo Printing in the Modern Age
Photographer's Guide to Sweeney Ridge
Photographer's Guide to the Golden Gate Bridge
Photographic Memory
Photographing Ceilings in Churches, Museums, etc.
Photography Composition - An Introduction
Photography Tips
Phunk Junkeez
Piano Chords -- How They Are Formed & How They Work
Picasa from Google
Pickleball Playing Tips
Pieces That We missed
Pilgrimage with your heart
Pinnick Family Origins
Pipestone || Opwagan Assin
Pirates of the Lowcountry
Pituitary Disorders
Pivoting and the Law of Attraction

Placing an IronKey on Your Personal Computer
Plagiarism on Knol
Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan
Planetactive - an Ogilvy Company
Planned Change
Planning - A Management Process
Planning Your Childs Future
Planning Your Wedding 101
Planning a Food Menu at Home
Planning a Wedding on a Budget
Planning a baby shower-a comprehensive checklist
Planning a wedding
Planning an Organic Vegetable Garden
Planning response to adapt climate change
Planning to get into Business school.
Plant Hormones
Plantar fasciitis
Plasma Endotoxin, TNF-α & IL-1β Levels In Sera of Cirrhotic Patients; Relationship to Colonic Microflora
Plasma vs LCD
Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgery Safety
Plastic Surgery Video - Dr. Mentz
Plastic Surgery Videos - Dr. Newall
PlayStation 2 Games (C-D)
PlayStation 2 Games (L-M)
PlayStation 2 games (E-G)
PlayStation 2 games (S)
PlayStation 2 spill (S)
PlayStation 3 Games
PlayStation 3 Secrets
PlayStation 3 spill
Playing Backgammon for Money Online
Playing Defenders in City of Heroes
Playing guitar with a pick
Playing poker online
Playing the Guqin
Playstation 2 games (T-Z)
Plectics, Groups, Autopoiesis, Orientoi, Topoi, Noesis, Languages, Teletics
Pleural Effusion
Plurality Should not be assumed without necessity. Part A
Plurality should not be assumed without necessity. Part B
Plurality should not be assumed without necessity. Part C
Pneumocystis Pneumonia (PCP)
Pneumothorax or "Collapsed Lung"
Podcast FAQs
Podcaster Dan Carlin on Bush, Obama and Buchanan
Podcasts: Time Shifted Radio
Poetry Evolution In Nigeria
Poetry of the Eighteenth Century
Pointless Games
Poker Room Tour
Poker in Macau
Pole Shift and Earth Changes
Police and Fire Pensions
Policy Interest Rates - Reserve Bank of India
Policymakers, Capital, and the Mexican Peso Crisis
Polio and e-Learning Build vs. Buy Decisions
Polished Concrete
Political Freedom is useless without Financial Freedom.
Population Control
Population Destruction
Population growth and environmental degradation
Porn and Abuse - 7 Pictures You Don't Want To See
Porsche 997
Portable Garden
Portals for Workflow and Business Process Management
Posen (Province of Prussia)
Positive Behavior Supports
Positive Intentions... Positive Outcomes
Post-conflict area
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
Potential & Limitation of Action
Potential Risk Factors in Emergency Planning
Potstickers - the perfect food ?
Power Cycle Components/Processes Analysis -- Compression, Combustion and Expansion
Power Cycles Analysis -- Carnot, Brayton, Otto and Diesel
Power Therapies
Power of Attorney
Power of Visualization
Powerful Knols: Essentials Of Communication
Powerful and Strange Word Tips
Powering Library Computers
Powers of 10
Powerset Construction Algorithm

Practical Tips to Finally Accomplish Your Health and Fitness Goals (and Turn Heads at the Beach, Too)
Practical tips for selling items on ebay
Praying Maghreb On time in the mosque
Praying according to God’s will
Praying in Jesus’ name
Pre-modern Stream Crossing in the Southeastern Piedmont
Preah Vihear temple
Predatory Leadership
Predictable Reconstruction of a Healthy Smile
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Premenstrual Syndrome And A Woman's Body
Prenatal, Perinatal and Neonatal Tests
Prepaid 101 - Debit Cards
Prepaid Cell Phones
Prepare for Peak Oil
Preparing for an Emergency
Prepping a Model Car Body for Paint
Presenting Other Cultures
Presenting the Film’s Weekly Cost Report-#7 of 7
Presenting to Risk Averse Boards
President Obama must re-establish the original purpose of Philosophy: to give us wisdom and help us achieve happiness.
Presidential Elections 2008 - Party Convention promises
Prevalence of Celiac Disease in Egyptian children and adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus: a Clinical, Biochemical & Histopathologic Study
Preventing Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF) using ModSecurity
Preventing Food Poisoning
Prevention of Heart Attack
Priapism: Prolonged Erection of the Penis
Prime Numbers
Primer on Plasma Conversion/Plasma Arc Technology
Princess Clara
Principals of Analog and Digital Synthesizers
Principle of substance stability
Principles of Internet Marketing
Principles of Management – Koontz and O’Donnell
Principles of Psychology by William James
Principles of Recession, Inflation, Economy
Principles of Success
Principles of Web Design: A Guide
Print Sizes For Different Digital Camera Resolutions
Printer Ink: Finding the Ink Cartridges that are right for you!
Printer Spooler Subsystem App errors: How to solve them?
Printer ink cartridges, Printer models, Tips to Maintaining Your Printer
Prison Break
Privacy on the Web
Private Equity - Placement Process
Private Equity Investors and Managers - International Players
Private Equity Process
Private Military Firms
Private Mortgage Insurance - A History of Abuse
Private Schools in San Diego County
ProAdjuster Chiropractic
Problem-Solving Tools Series: Six Thinking Hat
Problems of Spoken-Written Arabic
Procedural programming
Process Safety Management (PSM)
Process of policy-making in India since Independence
Producer Consumer Problem
Product Development
Product Owner
Production Data Analysis for Electric Submersible Pumped (ESP) Wells
Productivity Measurement
Professional Copywriters-MS Copywriters
Professional Networking and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Professional democracy (Part: 1)
Professionals should ged paid in according to their effort
Profile on Robert Haromy
Profiling - Wealth Management
Profit from the Peak
Program Call Graphs
Program Management
Program Testing
Programmable Electronics using Memristor Crossbars
Programming In C
Programming Language
Programming at the Crack of Dawn
Programming to the Interface In JavaScript: yes, it can be done... er, I mean faked
Progreso, Chicxulub Tips for Winter Visitors
Progressive Rock, Part 1
Progressive Rock, Part 2

Project Management
Project Management
Project Management - 3 Key to Project Success
Project Management - Ten Golden Rules of Organizing Projects for Success
Project Management Jobs
Project Management in China
Project Management in a Cross Cultural Context
Project Management in the Automotive Industry
Project Management with VOIP
Project Management within the Software Sector
Project Managers and the 2010 Olympics
Project Runway
Project Scheduling And Resource Leveling
Promoting your Online Survey
Proofreading Tutor
Propaganda Techniques
Proper Forum Conduct Guide.
Proper Online Behaviour
Proper Pump Preventative Maintenance
Proper Way to Store Antiques
Prophet Mohammad: The Leader and Educator
Prophet Muhammad
Proposition 209 in California’s Universities
Pros & Cons of Buying Used Car from Dealer or Private Party
Prospective Leadership and education of hens.
Prostate Cancer
Prostate Seed Implants
Prostatitis, Chronic Prostatitis, CP/CPPS, UCPPS
Protecting Your Trademark Online
Protecting your Personal Computer
Protection of Information Assets
Protein Cycling Diet: 1
Protein Kinase B
Protein: Your Body’s Building Blocks
Proven Real Estate Lead Generation 2-Step System
Provision of Guarantees of the Subjects of Russian Federation

Psoriasis Treatments:
Psychic & Paranormal Terms
Psychic Medium
Psychic Readings
Psychic and Soul Forces of Children
Psychoanalysis as a Scientific Theory
Psychological Defense Mechanisms
Psychological Signs and Symptoms
Psychological Theories as Scientific Theories
Psychological and sociological challenges to religion
Psychological divide
Psychology and Hauntings
Psychology of Torture
Public Diplomacy and Propaganda: Their Differences
Public Goods
Public Private Partnership – Solution for Healthcare Financing?
Public Relations: Overview & Best Practices
Public Speaking
Public safety dispatchers
Public vs. Private Healthcare
Public-Health and Individual Approaches to Antiretroviral Therapy
Publishing On Internet Sub-Domains
Publishing your Scientific, Technical or Medical manuscript
Pug Allergies
Pulmonary Embolism
Pump Up The Volume
Punjab Technical University
Punjab Technical University
Puppy Love
Purchasing Card (Pcard) Supplier Enablement
Purchasing Las Vegas Real Estate at Auction
Purdue University
Purpose of Study
Putin, Vladimir (compared to Napoleon III)
Puting Muhammad's (PBUH) marriage to Ayesha in a historical context.
Putting into place project management processes for SMEs (Small/Medium Businesses)
Python List Tutorial
Python Tutorials


The definition of life from different points of view

The definition of life from different points of view
Author presents and discusses the definition of life from different points of view on sites:
Living systems are not dissipative structures
Public understanding of lifeжизнь/169m15f5ytneq/28
Once again on some features of living systemsживые-системы/169m15f5ytneq/29
Thermodynamics of open systemsтермодинамика-открытых-систем/169m15f5ytneq/31
Thermodynamics optimizes life
The principle of substance stability and the origin of lifeтермодинамика-и-возникновение-жизни/169m15f5ytneq/15
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