Friday, July 20, 2012

Editorial Processes - Lecture Notes - Prof Ross Collins


Section One

Reading One: Editors and how they work.
Reading Two: Why editing is important.
Reading Three: A view of reality.
Reading Four: An editor's constraints.
Reading Five: Editing nuts n' bolts.
Reading Six: Proofreading, grammar. Also read The best of AP Style.
Reading Seven: Word clutter.
Reading Eight: Using quotations.
Reading Nine: Clichés.
Reading Ten: Leads, active voice.
Reading Eleven: Writing concisely.
Reading Twelve: The big picture.
Reading Thirteen: Editing for the web.

Section Two

Reading Fourteen: Writing headlines.
Reading Fifteen: Using type.

Section Three

Reading Sixteen: Handling photos and illustrations.
Reading Seventeen: Dummy sheets and copy control.
Reading Eighteen: Instructor's basic guide to InDesign software for editors. 
(Altnernative: basic guide to PageMaker, )


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