Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Growing Twitter Followers Every Week

How Build 100,000 Twitter Followers - Jeff Bullas

Reach out to people interested in the area, you tweet and interact.

Follow big names in area of your interest. Then follow their followers. Why? Because they are interested in the information that the popular tweeter is giving. So they may be interested in your tweets also.   Follow 25 to 30 at a time. Wait for their response for a week or so.

It worked for today
@knoltweet   2022 followers - 11 Feb 2016

Look for tips to increase your Twitter followers. Some of them may work. Of course you need to post interesting and relevant messages and be active in the community.

27 Feb 2016: @knoltweet followers increased to 2051. I thank all my new Twitter friends.

29 Feb 2016:  2071  Very happy

8 March 2016: 2099 Good progress

It seems Twitter followers number is correlated with Blog Income. 

Reported in the following page

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