Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18. Blog Promotion - Do it on Twitter

Getting traffic to your blog is as essential as writing.

12 Formulas: How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you don’t promote your blog, how will anyone know about your great content? Driving traffic to your blog is about as essential to your blogging success as your writing itself.

Include an Intriguing Quote from Post
Include Statistics from the post
Ask a Question Related to Your Topic in the tweet
Tweet about Your Blog-Hosted Contest

Blogging Playbook: Promoting Your Blog With Twitter

Promote your post 2-3 times:
Make two to three tweets of the same message well spaced out to catch the morning, afternoon, and evening crowd.

Visit blogs popular in your area. Find the posts that have received the most retweets. Find the retweet button and click on the number.  You will get  a list of the people who retweeted that post.  Follow these people and they may follow you and retweet your posts if they like them. Basically you are trying to find out people with the retweeting attitude.

How to Extend Your Blog Reach Via Facebook and Twitter

Five Ps of Blogging: plan, pen, publish, promote and participate.

Break blog posts into tweetable chunks. For longer posts, lists and roundups, maximize content sharing by developing a set of tweets posted over a longer period of time.

Participate in relevant Twitter chats. At a minimum, join #BlogChat on Sunday nights to learn how to optimize your blog and socialize with other bloggers.

Getting Personal: Social Media Highlights

Update on 24 March 2016.

I had good number of new followers today. My followers' number is now 2150. I am doing something right after reading various articles on Twitter best practices.

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