Monday, March 7, 2016

March 6. Blog Promotion - Interact with Your Google+ communities

There are some communities that issue a warning to blogger. Don't drop your links unless you are prepared to engage with the community. I understand its meaning now. I request all bloggers to keep at least one day a month for engaging with their Google+ communities.

I selected the community India - Incredible India for interaction this month. I could not go through all categories. I shall continue for some more days.

Community Social Media News
Message to all members
Engaging Discussion in All Things Social Media. Please feel free to post News, Your Personal Blog Posts etc. Please avoid $ based promotion spamming, Please avoid personal Social Media Fan Page and Other Community Self Promotion. Imagine if everyone did it how annoying it would be. It will be deleted. Please keep the Memes to a minimum. We've all seen them by now.

Please post content that engenders smart thinking. Thanks!

Blog Promotion - Relevant posts

Updated 7 March 2016, 6 March 2016

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