Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 14. Blog Promotion - Make posts in your Facebook communities

There are many active Facebook communities.

I myself started some communities.

Management and Industrial Engineering - Effectiveness and Efficiency
The community is still growing. It has 377 members on 14 February.

Lasr month I made my entry in the Hiranandani Estate Community.
Completed 10 Km walk today in Estate Marathon. 10Km to celebrate my 10 years in long walks.
10 Years of Long Walks, Jogs and Runs 2006 Half Marathon Run to 2016 10-Km Walk

There are many bloggers who claim large number of visitors from Facebook. I also feel that FaceBook Communities give you large number of visitor provided your posts attracts the attention and relevant to a current topic of interest.

I started a new Facebook Community on 14 February. I invite you to join the community if your are FaceBook to participate actively in Blogging movement.
Blogging Activity and Success - Discussion Group - Facebook Community

The Anatomy of a Facebook Post

I am going to extend this post today.

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