Sunday, March 13, 2016

March 13.Blog Promotion - Make posts in your Google+ communities

Post in your Google+ Communities

I do make posts almost every day in my pages and communities.

But when I try to write the blogpost, I once again think whether I did this activity or not.

Today, I came across the World Poetry Day - 21 March. Actually I maintain a blog for the international days and national days. So I have a post for the day. But I forgot about it. I saw it today. It contains some poems of mine also. I wrote a new poem today for the day. I posted about it in various social media site and also in a Google+ Community. You will be surprise to see the results being obtained by participation in the communities. But be careful. Do not trouble them. Do not annoy them. If somebody complains apologize to them. Try to share only relevant posts in the communities.

The post on World Poetry Day

The new poem written by me
I am Indian Who Wants World's Welfare - Poem

If you are Google+ please join the blogger community

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