Friday, February 12, 2016

Blogspot - Google Blogger Blogs - Success Benchmarks

Blogspot, the Google's blogging platform accessed for writing through, Blogger of has presently 4.9 billion page views per month (July 2011 data).

Based on the above information what sort of benchmarks can be specified for successful blogs.

5000 Page Views per Month

5000 page views per month average can be specified as a benchmark and this gives for the one million blogs with this average 5 billion page views. This can be taken as average acceptable performance for a for-audience blog. A blogger who reaches this level can consider that he has the potential to go for a bigger audience arena.

100 Page Views per Month

100 page views per month is another benchmark which when applied to 49 million blogs (Estimate being that 50 million blogs are there on blogspot or blogger) gives 4900 million page views per month for Blogger. Thus the total page views for Blogger can go up to around 10 billion from the current 4.9 billion with these benchmarks.

100 page views per month can be benchmark for the minimum audience for a live blog.

10,000 Page Views per Month

Can take a blog into top million average in the blogosphere.

50,000 Page Views per Month

Certainly this is a success benchmark.

100,000 Page Views per Month

Above 100,000 page views per month, a blogger is very successful online author.

12 February 2016

What about Cumulative Page Views?

1,00,000 page views is an initial benchmark for successful blog

NraoBlogs  reached an important milestone - 100,000 cumulative hits. Thanks to all on Google+ - my friends and readers, and Google+ executives, Google Executives.

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