Saturday, February 13, 2016

10 Years of Long Walks, Jogs and Runs 2006 Half Marathon Run to 2016 10-Km Walk

  With Prof Sachin Kamble who ran half marathon

Today, I completed 10 Km walk unofficially in the Hiranandani Half Marathon, Thane.

I first ran official Half Marathon - Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2006. In 2007, I did it unofficially even though I had pain in the knee. Then there was a long break.  But from December 2015, I am once again into walking long distances. Today it is official according to me as I participated along with other participants in the entire 10 Km route. Only thing is that I did not register. I wanted to go out of Mumbai/Thane in the next week. Hence I did not register. Next year, I shall register and do Half Marathon.

My Half Marathon Certificate - 15 January 2006

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