Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 25. Make posts in your Twitter account

Last week I followed this step to get a good benefit. Today once again I shall focus on Twitter to connect twitterati in marketing management revision articles.

My twitter account is @knoltweet. The followers number on 25 Feb 2016 is 2045.

Consumer Behavior

Analysis of Consumer Markets

We need to learn about using Twitter effectively. The social media campaigns should make us read about effective use of various social media tools. Many bloggers including me first focus a lot on developing content and then find some readers. It takes quiet some time to start focusing on promoting attracting visitors. Now we are able to focus on promotion, we have to spend time and understand proper use of social media.

Let us try.

Use Twitter Effectively-01
How to Use Twitter Effectively
By Dominique Jackson on December 15, 2015

How Your Small Business Can Use Twitter Effectively

61 tips for using Twitter effectively
by Bridie Jenner | Bridie's Small Business Blog |

This blogging challenge exercise is good. I already got four interactions on Twitter.

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