Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 17 - Make posts in your Google+ Collections

Google+ collections is a new feature. I like the feature. It provides you the facility like retweet. But all the posts are available under a topic. For you also it is good to look at the posts relevant to a topic. You also learn. When you are a blogger, you can go through these posts and get ideas for writing new content.

I now feel good about the schedule that I made some time back about the daily promotion activities. It reminds me of at least one activity every day. Now I can open my collections and see in which collection, I want to make posts today.

Yes. I went to Google+ and shared number of posts to my collections.

Important thing today is to share my Management Revision Posts for the Day.

MBA revision article 1 for 17 February 2016: Leading - Global Management Challenges  http://nraomtr.blogspot.in/2011/12/leading-global-management-challenges.html

MBA revision article 2 for 17 February 2016: Controlling - Global Management Challenges - Review Notes  http://nraomtr.blogspot.in/2011/12/controlling-global-management.html

My management theory review is made up of article that were very popular on Knol. I had up to 4000 page views per day at that time. Then after Knol was closed, suddenly I had a dip in page views. Now four years have gone. But suddenly I see a spurt in page view. Hope it sustains. I shall be happy to know that success at that time was not a fluke. As a blogger, I have some writing skills as well as promotion skills.

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