Thursday, February 11, 2016

Completed 10 Years as Blogger - 8 Febuary 2006 to 8 February 2016

Participant 365 Blog Posts - One a Day Blogpost - Blogging Challenge - February 2016 - 2017

Thanks to friends and readers. Yesterday Google Adsense sent a congratulatory message to me.

My adsense account was also started on 8 Feb 2006. My behavior was responsible. Sometimes I got warnings and changed my blog content quickly as per the notification.

I come to know that my total life time views is 6.3 million pages.  I look forward to reaching 10 million figure.

11 Feb 2016
NRaoMtr.Blogspot.Com Reached 1.5 Million Page View Milestone 11 February 2016

Updated  11Feb 2016,  10 Feb 2016, 9 Feb 2016


  1. Hi Raogaaru,
    Great Going!
    What a great travel...
    Reminiscence of those Knol days!! :-)
    Keep going Sir,
    Good Wishes

    1. Thank you Brother Ariel. Yesterday I delivered a public lecture in Thane. It was a combined event for Mumbai and Thane. Writing a lot about management in various blogs gives me confidence today. The blog and social media network is also good with around 10,000 connection across various platforms. It also must be giving us support every day.