Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 22. Inform an Email Group/Contacts about your recent blog posts

Blog promotion requires that you contact your friends and relatives through Email and inform them your recent posts. No doubt now we have social media platforms. So we need not use email frequently. But still once in a month, you can contact some of the contacts in your email records.  I need to inform them my revision schedule in one year MBA revision. The revision subject is Marketing Management. Hence I need to spend some time on marketing my blog.

February 4th Week MBA Management Knowledge Revision

Yes I sent a mail to group of contacts in my mail.  Later in the day, I shall send another mail to another group of contacts. I look forward to response from my friends as I am sending on a topic which is very relevant from them. I am sending a mail after a very long time.

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  1. Response was not there in the sense I did not get any replies. But I could not sent emails to many also as I was busy and tired. Need to take time and make a fresh attempt.