Saturday, February 13, 2016

13 February - Make posts in your Google+ communities

Google+ communities are active and productive. A community on science is doing wonderful job. There is a science bloggers community. In this community I came across a Hindi article on Einstein's theory of relativity. Yesterday, I saw the paper announcement that gravity waves were discovered.

India community is a very active community on Google+. There is Narendra Modi community discussing the policies of the government. It is also very active. Whenever I post a a link with very useful information, number +1s get accumulated due to the action by community partipants.

I recommend to all bloggers to become involved with communities on Google+ page. As I write this article, I realize that I have to make posts in my Google+ communities today without fail. Reading a principle repeatedly helps you in taking action according to the principle.

Yes I made some posts in my Google+ communities. Please note that every community moderator wants you to spend others' posts and participate in discussions. Please do it. Now I share interesting posts from each community through my Google+ collections.

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