Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 12 - Make posts in your Linkedin Communities

One of my students told me to open a Linkedin account and he informed that knowledge gathering is an important activity in Linkedin. After a lot of hesitation, I joined Linkedin. Now I am a member of 50 communities.

One of the communities that I would mention today is Institution of Industrial Engineers. It is the official community of the Institute (IIE) and it is maintained by their web editor.  (

I benefited from participating in this community as my ideas were picked from this community and published in the institute magazine "Industrial Engineer.".  Whenever I pubish an interesting article in my blog on industrial engineering I get good response from this community. Getting 25 visitors from a community on day 1 of publishing a post is very good response. I do get such numbers from Linkedin communities.

Remember we have to post links of blog posts appropriate for the community. So you have to select right communities and select right posts to circulate. Your objective has to be providing value to the community members. Do not push what you write. Write what is likely to be of value to readers.

I have a one year programme on revision of Industrial Engineering Knowledge. Every week, IEs are advised to read 10 articles. These are summaries of chapters of popular textbooks. Hence I get an opportunity to share articles every day. I am a member of IIE community on Facebook also.

I invite your comments on the issue and tips for successful sharing on Linkedin.

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