Sunday, March 18, 2012

50 Blog Posts in 2012 - Blogging Challenge 2012

You need to make 50 posts in 2012. Posts are already made are to be included in the target. Posts submitted to other challenges can also to be included in this challenge. Making 50 posts in the year is the challenge. How is left to the participants.

Enter your name in a Google+ page and start participating

Give links to your blogs posts with serial number in Month's blog posts.

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Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.  
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  1. So what are the rules? Is it over one blog or over multiple blogs .... If over multiple blogs I have already hit 50 this year. What is excluded? Is there a length they need to be

    1. Posted reply below as a fresh comment.

  2. Dear Steve Laffer

    Thank you for the comment. I also posted more than 50 posts already this year. Of course that was so because I am migrating my articles from Knol to Blogger. But I am going to write fresh 50 this year.

    Posts in multiple blogs is ok. Let us not have any length limits. Let us leave it to the participants. We get an opportunity to place our blogs posts before an audience through these challenges. But unless the posts are good, many people will not read them. You posted miniature v8 machines. I remember so. It is good. Add your posts to the blog promotion board topic. Hope the idea will pick up and we will have more visitors to the posts of blogs participating in the challenge. Jenson Taylor's challenge is bringing every day visitors to my blog posts. 10 a day is good.