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Knol New Year Greetings

27 July 2011 Fourth Year Starts

Welcome Indian knol Authors


Christmas in December
Knol articles are being moved to Wordpress and other platforms.
Indian Knol authors can give the destination links of their knol articles in this bulletin board.
Today 26/11/2008 was the day when Mumbai was attacked by terrorists.

Guru's Film Reviews on Indian Films - A Google+ page

Deepavali is coming

Design by Abhishek Ravishankar
Today is  World Tourism Day - 27 September
Google Turns Thirteen Today. Read a Write-up Here
There are more than 600 tourism related knols on India
Indians are contributing good number of articles on Knol. There is still lot of scope to write articles on usefu and relevant topics and issues.
India Information - Knol Book
31 chapters are there in the book. Knol authors are invited to add their knols on India in these chapters appropriately. More chapters can also be added as required.

Teachers' Day Greetings to all teachers visiting Knol
Teacher's Day - Teachers' Day - YouTube Videos
Teacher's Day - Teachers' Day

Knol authors from India search link
3044 authors.

Indian History - Some Videos - Opinions on Indian History
Padamati Sandhya Ragam - Telugu Film - Full Movie Youtube Videos and Songs
Aththaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu - Telugu Film - Full Movie Youtube Video and Songs
Annayya - Telugu Film - Full Movie Youtube Video and Songs
Bal Krishna -English Animation Film - YouTube Video

Chiranjeev- Biography - Articles, Films and YouTube Videos
Chiranjeevi - Telugu Films - Youtube Videos


Today is Sri Krishna Janmashtami. Also 22 August is birthday of Chiranjeevi
Sri Krishna Janmashtami - Sri Krishnashtami
Bal Krishna -English Animation Film - YouTube Video
Krishna Mitra Sudama - Marathi Mythological Animation Film - YouTube Video
Sri Krishna Sudhama - Bengali Program - YouTube Video
Sri Krishna Vijayamu - Telugu Film - Movie - YouTube Video

India Knol Month 16th July to 15th August is back

Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area
Skill Development programmes in India

Top Hindi Knols - 2008 to Current Date - All Categories Combined

India - Photo Essay - Time
2007 Essay

Interesting News:
India is the host country for World Environment Day 2011
World Environment Day - 5th June

Celebrity Cricket League(CCL)-2011 - Matches - Videos and News

India has the maximum number interesting knols the country category knols

Knol search link for India
4829 knols 4.6.2011
800 interesting knols

4318 knols in search results on 4.6.2011
800 interesting knols

Interesting Knols by Indian Authors and Knols on India and India Related Issues

India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Aa to Az)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ba to Bz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ca to Cz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Da to Dz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ea to Ez)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Fa to Fz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ga to Gz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ha to Hz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ia to Iz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ka to Kz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ma to Mz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Oa to Oz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Pa to Pz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ra to Rz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Sa to Sz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ta to Tz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Va to Vz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Wa to Wz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Ya to Yz)
India Knols - Indian Knols - Interesting Knols (Za to Zz)

All Indian knol authors are invited to include their  knols having more than 500 page views in the lists through editing the knol. You can give it by a comment also.


Knol Has Traction - Authors With Useful Content Getting Visitors and Page Views

Authors with 500 knols having 1000 or more page views have emerged on Knol. More and more authors will achieve this distinction.


Top Knols by Page Views of Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

50 knols with more than 5000 page views
500 knols with more than 1000 page views
800 knols with more than 500 page views         



Learn Kannada - Knol Book


Indian authors thought of a new idea. Home pages for each Indian language

Telugu Knol Home Page - తెలుగు నోలు ముఖ పేజి
Malayalam Knol Home Page
हिंदी नोल होम पेज - Hindi Knol Home Page

All these home pages are receiving good response.


Google's Drawing competition for Indian children for childrens' day
DOODLE 4 GOOGLE - India Childrens' Day Competition 2010


New suggested topic for Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010       : Gandhian Thought and MP's Salaries in India (Sunday Times of 22 August 2010 carried a front page articles on MP's salaries around the world. It said each MP gets a compensation of Rs. 57 lakhs in India. In terms of purchasing power parity an MP is drawing 104 times per capita income).


Happy Independence Greetings to All Visitors.

India Knol Month campaign extended to India Knol Year campaign through knol writing competitions. All Indian Residents are invited to contribute knols/essays to the contest.

Essay Writing Competition - Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday - 2010
Teachers' Day - Gandhiji's Birthday Essay Competition - Knol Collection


Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis is a trending knol with 691 page views on third day. Indian knol authors and visitors are requested to write comments on it about the program. There are many twitter messages and facebook messages. It will be good to have many comments on knol also.

7 .8.2010

12 August Gandhigiri 12 August Bus ki Savaari. Meterjam in Mumbai. India Knol Month supports it.

Meter Jam - Mumbaikars' Protest Against Autos and Taxis


India Knol Day
is being planned and organized to promote:
Knols on India
Knols by Indian authors
India as tourist destination
India as investment destination
India for medical treatment
India for education
India for outsourcing
Indian languages
Indian music
Indian films

Indian knol authors can come up with more ideas.
Coauthors are invited to make the initiative a success.


Football World Cup Excitement
FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup 2010 Matches as per Indian Standard Time (IST)
contains links to various youtube videos and other videos related to Football World Cup 2010.


There are some Indian authors in Potential 100,000 Page View Knol Authors.
P V Ariel is one of them. Our best wishes to Brother Ariel to cross the milestone as quickly as possible.
Other Indian Authors in the list
Ravipprasad Pa
84145 cpv
45 wpv

Jagadeesh M
72477 cpv
2229 weekly P V

Jayashree Govindarajan
72020 cpv
93 wpv

The Achieving Indian  congratulations Nitin Norhia, named as Dean of HBS.
PVA thanks for the image. Pictures have power, words have power.
Active Tamil Knol Authors
Satheesh kumar Rajamanickam
Thiyagaraaj M
Muruganandan M.K
Vaidheeswaran Sivanesan
சிவகுமார் சுப்புராமன்
Siva Kanagaratnam
Venkatesh A G E
nellai peter
Kesavan Muthuvel
Kanchanamala Sivanesan
Mohandoss Ilangovan
Karthik Sankararaman
Jayashree Govindarajan
Thank you PVA for the announcement of the badge for this knol.
Hope more Indian authors participate in this knol by announcing their new knols and achievements of their knols.
Last week I was at Rourkela Institute of Management Studies as a Keynote speaker for their national conference on Financial Risk Managment.
Today's Mint carries a feature with the title "NITIE Mumbai are proud winners of HUL nad CNBC-TV18 "Lessons in Marketing Excellence". Congratulations to the team of NITIE students who excelled in the competition organized in this event.


Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. became first English language author and Indian  to cross million page views.

Today is world water Day. Make more people aware of it. Write your message or more info. in

New Knols

I just started giving some new knols on knol authors bulletin board. On this some new knols can given periodically. - Nrao

I Just Posted the following Comment on:

Yes, I fully agree with Mr. KVSSN Rao, The time is up now to stop such reservations even to SC & ST. In most cases its really going out of hand,and many undeserved ones are still enjoying the facilities even after they reach a high standard or level in society, This type of Reservations should stop at ones. In other way, its a mere game our politicians play to fill their vote banks, Alas!! the rule making and rule breaking both are in the hands of these so called politicians. Is there not any way out to save our country from the clutches of these dirty politics and politicians.
OH! GOD only you can Save our Country.
My comment on

Reservations to scheduled castes were given because they were kept out of the social interaction during Hindu rule, Muslim rule as well as British rules. Even today, in many places they are outside the social interaction. Unfortunately, this reservation issue is engulfing the entire country. The country has to start keeping people out of reservation. Even in scheduled castes once a family enjoys reservation in one generation they should not get the facility in the next generation. That way reservation percentage can be maintained at the same level, but the benefits are extended to different families. Even in politics no SC politician should be allowed to contest for a second time on a reserved seat. More families need to be provided the opportunity to sit in various political bodies.

Reservations for women is altogether a different matter and both issues should not be clubbed together. How to bring muslim women into politics in India is a different matter. But when Pakistan and Bangladesh can have female prime ministers what is the problem for muslim women in India?

Kirmaniji needs to focus on educating muslim community to empower the women by providing more educational opportunities to them.

16 .3 .2010

ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు.

गुडी पाडवा - शुभेच्छा Marathi bloggers group site

PVA Special thanks and wishes

15. 03. 2010

Hindi knol authors are producing new knols. It is good. The trend has to continue. In Malayalam also I am seeing new knols from Mr. P.V. Ariel. Hope some  more Malayalam authors will join knol inspired by Ariel. - Narayana Rao.
Yes, Prof. Thanks for the note: One Mr. Saneesh and Shastri J C Philip are here with a good number of Malayalam knols  @
yet another budding writer in Malayalam is also on the way to knol Mr. Rejoy Poomala/ rejoy kp

Hindi Knol Competition
Number of Entries: 2,602
Entertainment, Literature and Culture (800 entries as on 16.2.2010)
Travel (325 knols as on 16.2.2010)
Sports (252 knols on 2.3.2010)
Health (425 knols on 2.3.2010)
Social, Economic and Political Issues (800 knols on 2.3.2010)
Total Knols posted for the competition 2,602 knols - Very good contribution from authors. Appreciate and congratulate all Hindi knol authors.
I suggest to all Hindi knol authors to add categories to  their knols. Regional content, Hindi and other category as appropriate.

I suggest that knol management should hold similar competitions in all 50 languages that its search engine has and promote knol writing in big way in the next six months. I wrote comment to that effect in knol main help page. Give your comments also there.
Narayana Rao


Happy Holi all Visitors
I found that around 124 Indian authors are coming in the most viewed authors list in knol search. Indians are doing well on knol.
My new knol on management Resourcing a function of management.

15 02.10
Created A Malayalam Knol Directory Today
Posted this info to My Bio Page and other knol directories and foundations.

Yes Mr. Ariel. visited one of Gladys' knol. Visited your knol on open book. Today worked on knol directory and related sub-directories.

On shivratri day, created knols on shivratri in three languages.

The page views of knol help main page are only 48,000. It is very low. I wrote a comment there. Knol has to do some advertising and increase it to 500,000.

Yet another Indian author joined knol community. A Student Author from Pondichery, Gladys Angelina  A budding author, she needs our encouragement.  Here are some of her knol links:
Recent knols by KVSSNRAO
The Achieving Indian
Spiritualism Versus Materialism - Arguments and Counter Arguments
India in 2050 - Forecasts, Plans and Visions

Hindi knol writing competition seems to be going on well. At least one topic has already more than 400 knols and many are complaining that their knols have not been included. It will be good to see 2000 knols by the last day 31 January. Happy Knolling.


Knol Team fixed the  problem listed on 23rd December 2009

* Yet another Good News for the New Year Eve.
* P V Ariel is now a Centurion Knoler.

Your fellow-author got yet another prize from the Sunday Indian News Weekly (The Only News Magazine on Earth in 14 Languages) More read @
Thanks for your Time
Happy Knoling New Year
Congratulations P V Ariel for One More Success.

Help Knol - Grow Knol

Write your first knol of 2010 today. Suggestion by Jagadeesh M

Happy New year. Happy Knolling

Greet other authors. Spread the message


Thanks for your note, it seems it’s a problem persisting in all knol authors, I just posted a knol on this issue under the title –Knol Authors New Problem at this Christmas Season . Read you will get an idea about it. Hope knol will fix this problem soon.
If this link is not working pl. copy and past it, it will work.
मुझे हिंदी में लिखना पढ़ रहा हैं| आपको भी ऐसा तकलीफ हैं क्या|
I am forced to write in Hindi only as my posts are getting transliterated into Hindi automatically. Are all Indian authors are having the same problem? How to come out of it?
Narayana Rao Narayana राव
प्रिय मित्र,
येक  प्रेशेंन  आया इधर, मेरा कयल से प्रोफ. नारायण राव साब से ये  फिक्स कर सकते.
सूबे  मैभी ये प्रशेन फैसे करे. प्रोफेस्सर साहेब प्लेअसे हेल्प हमारा औथोर्स.
पीवी एरियल
Just send an invitation to an Indian teacher Kumar Amrish who writes in Hindi, and post comments. I am copying here the invitation I send, pl do the needed editing. thanks. P V Ariel

Here is an invitation

Hi Kumar Amirish
Good to read your review and comments here at knol pages, Good to meet you, we invite you to participate in the following knols. The Indian knol author's initiatives by Prof. KVSSN Rao of Delhi and others pl visit the following link and join in the Hindi knol group.
Indian Knol Authors and Visitors Bulletin Board
Hindi Knol Authors and Visitors Bulletin Board


Knol is Green All Over
Partha Das Sharma an Indian knol author has many knols in the area of going green and becoming envinronmental friendly.
Hindi knol writing event.
My recent knols
Contribute more Hindi knol. Inform your friends to write.The competition has simple themes. Many can write.

A progesterone injection can help breast cancer patients

The research related to this discovery and prescription was carried out by Dr. Rajendra Badwe, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital. The research has a 18 year history. Dr. Badwe observed that women who were operated in the second half of their menstrual cycle had a  better outcome.
On 12th December 2009, Dr. Badwe presented his recent research paper that describes the validation of the hypothesis. The study was conducted on more than 1000 women.
Related Link
Primary Progesterone Therapy for Operable Breast Cancer
Some Research papers of Dr. Badwe

Does primary tumor location have prognostic significance in operable breast cancer?
Rajendra A Badwe & Mangesh A Thorat
Dr Badwe is first Indian to win the global cancer award in 2003
Visit Research and Development - Knol Bulletin Board for R&D related news and views.
PVA, It is a great. We need more authors to write on this board.
A Great Alert to the Cell Phone Users is a knol Ann P, an author from Hyderabad. We wish her all the success.
Sheetal Mehta is a popular author in the area of cooking. She has 43 knols and is writing more now for the new hindi competition.
I Just found a new Indian knol author here.
Alex Alex
posted an invitation to join this Bulletin Board.


Indian Knol Authors! Support the new Hindi knol writing competition by informing your friends and relatives as well as family members. 
P V Ariel Revised an existing knol  under the title "Some of my write-ups-published and unpublished" Pl. check it out at these links:
Hindi Knol Contest

हिंदी नोल स्पर्धा - 'है बातों में दम?' प्रतियोगिता

Google और आपके लिए लाया है 'है बातों में दम?' प्रतियोगिता! नीचे दी गयीं विषय सूची में से किसी एक को चुनकर उस पर अपने दमदार विचार लिखकर भेजिए. कुछ धमाकेदार बातों को मिलेंगे शानदार इनाम, वहीं कुछ बातें जो धमाकेदार नहीं भी होंगी वे भी पाएंगी लैपटॉप और गिफ्ट वाउचर और छ: महीनों के लिए मुफ्त इंटरनेट सेवा जैसे आकर्षक उपहार. इसके साथ-साथ Google द्वारा कई अन्य ईनाम भी दिए जाएंगे. तो बातें बनाने में देर कैसी?
मनोरंजन संस्कृति और साहित्य
अपनी मनपसंद फिल्म, फिल्म स्टार, किताब या त्यौहार के बारे में लिखें.
आपका मनपसंद पर्यटन स्थल कौन सा है? और क्यों?
अपने मनपसंद खेल या खिलाड़ी के बारे में लिखें.
स्वस्थ जीवनयापन के बारे में अपनी टिप बाँटें
सामाजिक, आर्थिक और राजनीतिक मुद्दे
देश के सामने सबसे चुनौतीपूर्ण समस्या कौनसी है?
उसे सुलझाने के लिए कोई ठोस प्रस्ताव रखें.
आपका नोल बनानेके लिए देखिये|


Weekly page views of top 200 authors 735,000
Indian authors figure in this list. Some more will join shortly as many are writing knosl frequently.
Sanjiv Swarup posted a new knol Sales Cycle _ Prospecting _ Finance executives. Sanjiv Swarup is posting number of knols and is an active knoller.
Lila Gauranga Dasa posted a knol on Swami Gaurangapada. New knols from are around 15 today. Need for increasing knols posted by Indian authors is there.

 Here is an interesting and informative knol written by Mr. Chandrak Pandya.
Through this knol the writer wanted to inform the outside world about the great talents hidden in our own people in India, which many of the people around the world do not know.  It’s a general conception that Indians are a kind of third class community, but exactly what is happening around the world if you look into it very carefully you can find a talented Indian behind the scene.  But our Western World had a wrong notion about India and its people. as if they(of course not all but at least a good number of people)  think and talk that they know everything and others (Indians) are somewhat below their standard.  One who read this knol will get an idea about the real and talented Indians.  This knol will definitely erase at least a bit of that misconception among some westerners about my Indian fellow citizens.
Thanks Mr. Pandya for this wonderful informative knol.
Your can read more on this link:

30.11.2009 - Millionaire Knoller

eHowKnol registers millionth page view:
eHowKnol: 1,004,247 page views. Congratulations ehowknol as well as all knol authors. 
Jayashree Govindarajan in Tamil has 28 knols which accumulated 11,068 page views. Her knols are the area of cooking.


70 interesting stories on voteUpIndia. Congratulations Brother P V Ariel. You can give a gist of them in a knol. A Knol author's achievement on an online platform.
Tomorrow, there is alumni meet of National Institute of  Industrial Engineering (NITIE). A global meeting of industrial engineers and industrial managers as well as managers of information technology managers and environment management will take place. 
Environmental Value Engineering will be discussed with them.
Some knols by Indian knol authors
South Indian History

P V ArielPosted a knol about VoteUpIndia and their prize money offer. Under the Title "You Too Can Be A Winner At VoteUpIndia" Read more on @ this link:
P V ArielAlso made some revision on his knol about his writings and how he obtained his pen name 'Ariel'. Pleas Read More @ this link:
Varun Anand Purohit is an Indian Knoller with 7898 page views. Hs has six knols in his account. Presently not active. I wrote a comment on his knol and requested to become active again. We need to make knollers active.

Here is an Indian Knol writer’s timely alert to his fellow writers on web.

BEWARE of 12 ONLINE PHISHING SCAM! By . Chandrak Pandya
posted by P V Ariel

A new knol
Knol Marathon  - An interesting knollet
An Indian Knol author with Top Viewed Author Award and Top Pick Author Award. Not activel presently. We hope he will become active and write more knols.
His knols are

A top viewed knol from India

Page views: 21,000

18.11.2009 KVSS

Some knols created or modified today related to India
Philip Verghese Ariel (P V Ariel) A Freelance writer and an Associate Editor, from Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Google's provision for publishing knols, suggestions,comments etc.  is very much appreciated.
This knol is yet another platform provided to the Indian knol writers by Mr. Narayana Rao KVSS  (Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai the Global Number One Individual English Knol Author.
I appreciate his concern for the fellow writers and his students’ community for the promotion and upliftment of their knowledge in different fields.  He started this promotion with a good intention but unfortunately there are some fellow authors who could not digest the effort which he is doing thru this platform.  More of their destructive words you can read it elsewhere in knol:  “Knol Author Recruitment - Double the Number of Knol Authors”
Ones again I thank you Professor for your concern for the fellow beings. God bless.
Welcome Indian knol authors
You can write your comments in any language. If you can give english or hindi translation also, more persons will understand and respond.
See the discusiion under the comment "Why you are forcing knol growth?" on the knol
and join the discussion.
Interesting issues - Growth of knol, knol authors, knols, page views, top knol author ranks  
On another related discussion I wrote this comment.

Global Author Rank

Happy to inform that my knol author rank has gone up to one in individual English Language authors. Thanks to visitors to this knol and knol authors from India.


Knol authors of India - Some Names

Top Ten
Further continuation at
Original Knol post 1787

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