Thursday, March 15, 2012

Knol Author Foundation-Aims and Objectives

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Aims and Objectives

  1. Utilize Knol platform, Google technology and other web recourses to promote free and open exchange of ideas between intellectuals, writers, scientists, researchers, professors, teachers and students. 
  2. Encourage authors to write quality online content in all fields of science, philosophy, history and culture with respect to human values and open participation
  3. Spread awareness about Knol platform in members of educational communities (universities, colleges, schools, research foundations) and invite new authors to contribute and share their expertise. 
  4. Encourage worldwide collaboration of authors in national and international level 
  5. Promote online participation in decision making processes with respect to the principles of democracy and open public access
  6. Explore new ideas in all fields of science and promote potential applications to human welfare. For this purpose we seek for original ideas, theories and practices against hunger, illness, war, crime, racism, environment instability and other national or international potential problems. 
  7. Organize national and international discussions in topics that indicate the crucial role of human values in modern societies. 
  8. Endorse authors derived from different countries, social cultures or ethnic groups to write in their native language and promote their own history, literature and culture. Our aim is to promote the wide perspective of different civilizations and different traditions around the world. 
  9. Provide funds for knowledge creating activities (funding research) 
  10. Provide education and support to new authors in Knol writing, online marketing and understanding of copyright laws. 
  11. Organize Knol competitions


1. Meetings foundation board (on line, physical)
2. Meeting foundation members (on line physical)
3. Meeting with Google knol team (on line, physical)
4. Author membership drive.
5. Knol writing to promote foundation and its objective
6. Press releases
7. Press conferences
8. Author conferences
9. Study projects - on copy right laws, marketing issues 
10. Organizing knol competitions
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