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Monetizing Blogs and Making Money - Blogging - Blogger Tips

Objectives of Bloggers

Many bloggers write for the pleasure of sharing some exclusive knowledge or experience that they only can describe and share with the rest. There are hundreds of  millions of bloggers who blog with this objective and they are enriching the knowledge base of the society using digital media facilities and platforms that made digital writing and sharing easy and almost free.

There are around two to five million online writers or digital media writers or bloggers who are writing with an additional objective of making some money. There are around two million adsense accounts and we can think another million accounts are there with other digital advertising firms. At lease one million blogs and websites ranked as the top million in Alexa ranks are making decent money. Let us say decent money is $250 dollars month. There is still scope for many new authors to extend this number or break into this million strong money making bloggers.

What needs to be done?

Development of Writing Skills

First, any aspiring blogger has to improve his writing skills to the extent of getting approval for his blogs or writing from his close circle of friends or acquaintances. There has to be some research implicit or explicit to find out topics on which information is eagerly sought by people. Then there has to be search or research for information. It has to be summarized and presented in the form of a blog post. Skill development in any field requires practice and one becomes an expert only by doing an activity many times and improving the activity based on the feedback of users.

Promotion of Articles or Blogs

Marketing management has two important stages. In the first stage, we need to find out what the market wants. In the second stage we need to communicate to the market that we have a product or service that will satisfy that want. The first stage is generally described by marketing research and the second stage is referred to as marketing communications. Every blogger has to utilize various social media platforms to inform potential readers his blogs and blog posts. One has to create five to seven back links for each of the blog posts.

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Monetization is the third step. If a blog is getting good number of visitors it can be monetized. One can apply for an adsense account any time. But attempt to look at monetization only after substantial traffic is built up. Let us say 10,000 page views per month is the minimum to think serious about monetization through advertisements. In the initial days, one may expect only $0.5 per 1000 page views. But it can go up. There are persons who claim to have made even $10 per cpm (per 1000 impressions). There are more who talk of $5 cpm. But there figures are very hard to obtain in the initial days, and one has to understand intricacies of adsense. $1 is a better target till one understands adsense better. So one has to try and make sense of adsense optimization to improve monetization. Such an interest will come if page views go up to say 50,000 per month and $2 cpm can be obtained. Any of us will spend more time in an activity, if potential rewards seem to be substantial. But we will not reach that stage unless we go through the initial hard to lear steps.

Affiliate sales and Display advertisements are also monetization opportunities. There are many, who claim that they are making more money in affiliate sales. Ebay and Amazon are two leading affiliate supporting organizations. Now Google Affiliate Network is also there. Google also has now display advertising organization. But display is approved only for sites with large visitors numbers as well as specific focus and quality. It means to monetize through display ads, the site needs to be more better designed and it may even mean one needs to use services of web design professionals.

A million are making money through blogs and websites and every one of us is free to see whether we can master the trade to the extent of making that minimum that will keep us in the activity happily. If we are in the activity for some time, suddenly the activity will improve beyond our expectation as we acquire skills and tricks in a natural way. But reaching that minimum level quickly or having the patience and belief in the potential of the activity and our ability to provide products and services to satisfy the users are essential.

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While I share with you my experience and understanding of a five year involvement in this field, I look forward to read your experience. Please feel free to share your thoughts through the comments.


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