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Search Engine Optimization - Theory and Practice by Knol Authors

Knol Notes - Newbie's Understanding
Knol Authors have to read, study, understand and learn SEO principles and practice. I started the process seriously and the result is this knol notes.


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Each and every knol author has to learn and use search engine optimization to the extent possible. Many of us do not do, but we have to do. I am also trying to read, study and learn SEO. I am developing this knol notes in that endeavor, I already gave number of knols above. I am also going to give more references in the body of this article as appropriate and relevant.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of engineering or redesign of web pages and gaining quality links from other web sites in an effort to acquire positioning or ranking on the web's major search engines and directories. (Richard Gay et al., Online Marketing)

Internet marketers have to know SEO to get visibility for  their web store or web bill board. Knol authors also need to know SEO to get visibility for their knol. Knol management will not do any SEO for any individual knol and it is up to each knol author to understand SEO and develop his knol.

Theory of SEO requires basic operational knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) used in creating web documents.

The Importance of Title or Title Tag

All search engines pay more attention to what is in the page title. Even though page titles have to appeal to users and hence have to developed keeping users in mind, they need to be developed keeping in mind search algorithms used by top search engines.

Key Words

There is provision for key word tag in HTML. These key words are used by search engines. Where are key words in Knol? There is no provision for key words. But there is a provision for categories in knol. May be they do the work of the key words. Many knol authors have not used this feature. I also did not use this features on most of my knols? Are we missing something?

Titles of Sections

In the knol formatting, we can use three types of titles for sections and subsections in a knol. These section titles are used by search engines to pick up your knol for a search query and for ranking.So use titles liberally and appropriately in your knols.

External and Internal Links in Knols

This is an important point. Many knol authors are marketers. I advise them to write a very informative article. Don't write three lines thinking that you will get the benefit of a link. There are some an active knol authors, who are  flagging or indicating knols created for link building and marketing. Yes, they are doing a right job. More knol authors will join them in due course of time to protect the integrity of knol. Knol is there to provide knowledge to people. The basic reason why a knol should exist is to provide the knowledge that its title indicates. So the knol author-marketers (knol authors whose main motto is marketing their web site) should include only one link for a page of their web site. Linking has to be relevant and appropriate. If you are article is very good linking is efficiently provided by your signature itself that has a link to your site. Visitors will come and visit your site, if your article has provided value to them.

Internal links also have to be relevant and appropriate to provide easy and comfortable reading and also to reduce annoyance of the reader. Don't link a word to an irrelevant knol page and annoy your reader.

Building Backlinks for Knol

Backlinks are links to your in other websites. Suppose other knol authors mention your knol and its link in their knol. There is some benefit for you in terms of search engine ranking. Having a link in some other page is always beneficial because a visitor may use the link and visit your page. So a link has at least two benefits. One is the visitor comes directly using the link and the second is the page rank in the search engine rankings improve.

The simple tools for backlink building

1. Submit URLs to search directories. (Can knol platform do it for all knols or some most viewed knols and relieve the authors of this burden. Knol help has not clarified on this point so far. But we can assume that knol is indexed by all search engines big or small. But there is a concept in search. Even though, knol as a site is indexed, there is no guarantee that each and every knol is indexed. Hence, many authors have to be proactive in  building links for their knols.
2. Submit knols to article directories
3. Participate in Forums
4. Write good content which is used and quoted by other authors in their articles and web pages.
(Source:     )
5. Create bookmarks in social bookmarking sites.
Xomba, Digg, Stumbleupon, Snipsly, etc.

Exotic Things in SEO and SMO

The REL=canonical tag is definitely something that should be included on every page of your site.  This tag solves a lot of potential duplicate content problems and there is no reason it shouldn’t be a standard part of your code. (Source:   )

There is a tool that  allows you to ask the question, of all the people that I am seeing as bookmark traffic, or alternatively, of all the people who typed my company name into Google, how many were exposed to a specific social media site, video, press release, Website mention, web page with a static advertisement, or any other digital asset. This helps in assessing Social Media ROI (Businessol, cited above).

SEO for Mega sites: What is different?

The SEO newbie is flying around!


Bibliography - SEO

1.  Introduction to SEO theory. Download and read. It is good introduction.

2. SEO Theorems and Principles - Very Interesting to Read

3. Interesting Essay on Quality Links

4. Youtube rankings - Chris Lang

SEO Videos


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