Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Lot More of IBM Watson in Our Lives

Erich Clementi, senior vice-president of IBM in an interview expressed the hope that we will all be seeing a lot of more IBM Watson in our lives by 2020.

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence system capable of answering questions in natural language. It is a learning machine. It can be fed with knowledge and it will organize, interpret and answer questions.

IBM is trying the system in health care and stock broking.  My prediction is that IBM Watson will have good application to support online learning. In the recent future, there will be transormation in eduction. The entire world can be taught by Global professors of excellence through interactive videos.The interaction will be provided by the IBM Watson like systems. They can be listen to the question of a student and provide him the answer at any stage of the lecture. Thus the interaction can be personalized and delivered when the student wants. The whole interaction is mass customized and each student gets his personal queries clarified.

We are going to see the Global Professors of Excellence Model of Education shortly.

Interview of Erich Clementi

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