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Page Views, Visitors and Advertisement Income from Knol and Other Article Sites

There are online authors and bloggers getting million page views a month. There are many bloggers and online authors making above $1000 income per month. How many of them can be there. It can be a global figure of 500,000+. This in in terms of web sites and blogs. But as in many top blogs and web sites number of online authors are working, this number can be much bigger figure in terms of individuals.

Why Authors Write?


An author writes for expressing himself.
An author writes for having an audience, readers.
An author writes for income, in the case of online articles it is advertisement income
An author writes because he has to write as professional responsibility teachers, trainers,  employed journalists, employment technical documentation writers.

So authors want audience and income. How are the online authors doing on these fronts? How are knol authors faring?

Interesting information is available on the net.



Statistics - Number articles by author

On hub pages

There are 6 authors who have published more than 1000 hubs.  There are 34 who have published more than 500 and 461 who have published more than 100.  (22nd Sep 2009)
(Source:    )

The hub author with maximum number of hubs  6370 on 14.7.2010
The Squidoo Lens authors who write 50 good lenses become Giant Squids. There is a category of 100 Lenses also  )


Advertisement Income


There are some Hubbers who receive over a million pageviews per month.
(     )

Read the experience and advice of an author who receives around 4000 page views per day. I have around 20 hubs receive 50 page views per day.       ) claims to be making $2000 per month. In another hub she wrote "Depending on the time of year, Adsense fluctuates between $300-$500 per month. Most months I probably make about $350 or so." (  )

A hubber says he gets 15,000 page views per day and presently $700 adsense revenue per month.
(   )
How to make $2000 per month Write 10 articles everyday. They pay you $4 per article upfront.


Some Profiles of Online Authors on Various Platforms

  2,249 articles, Above 17 million page views, author since 7.1.2005 (as on 15.7.2010) (PMA author of the year winner)  586 artices, 794,007 pv, author since 9.7.08 award winner for 2009 for new authors of the year.
Claims to have made $680 in  a day through adsense and even now he is getting $3 a day. (But reads figures do not justify the claim)
38,52,205 reads (on 19.7.2010)
267 articles, 9193 bookmarks
Great profile

Badges at Various Articles Platforms
SEO Tips on Various Platforms
SEO for Squidoo
Original knol - 2739

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