Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thilo Sarrazin - German Central Banker - Book - Germany Abolishes Itself

Thilo Sarrazin, a member of Germany's central bank authored a book, "Germany Abolished Itsef". It became a best seller. But the line he has taken in the book in the case of muslim immigrants in Germany and more generally in Europe created a furore. He is resigning from the central bank in the month of September 2010 due to it.

A trending knol is written by Peter Mersch on the opinions of Thilo Sarrazin. The English translation of it can be read by clicking The Case of  Thilo Sarrazin (English)
Another trending knol on Thilo Sarrazin's book in German. It is a review of the book by Volkar Weiss, an active knol author with 29 knols.
Read the English translation of the knol Volkmar Weiss: Review: Thilo Sarrazin: Germany abolishes itself.
Original Knol - 2utb2lsm2k7a/ 2968

The lies of Thilo Sarrazin - World Socialist Website September 2010

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