Friday, March 23, 2012

Professional Bloggers and Professional Blogging

At 30 minutes a post, a professional blogger can create 16 posts in a day.

How much to charge for a paid blog post?

Blogger income today by paid per post writing

Harsh Agrwal March Income report
Adsense impressions 675,577 - Income $ 1,407

Paula List of Blogger Incomes 2007 posts

Earning Report for January  2012 - Total earnings $1049
Do I believe it? Yes. The blog Grand per month has an Alexa rank of  218,433 with a global reach of .0008%
While an estimate based on 2 billion global internet accounts will daily 38,400 page views for the site, we can easily accept 10,000 page views per day giving 300,000 page views per month giving around $600 in adsense earnings. It is a believable number.  

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