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How to Get 100,000 visitors per Month to Articles, Blogs, Knols - Let us Learn from the Experienced

Tips from a Hub Page Author who got 15,000 page views in a day.

My Hubpages AdSense And Amazon Earnings Disclosed  Article written on 1st July 2010 by Hubber Ryankett

The writer got 15,000 page views daily and earned $710 in June 2010

Some Interesting Points Made
(i agree with many of them and want Knol authors to notice them)

He recommends writing 800 to 1200 word articles and gives number of other useful tips.

He said he knew at least five hub page authors  who regularly earn in excess of $2000 per month from their content and some might earn much more. But they are people who have worked extremely hard to achieve.
Anybody has to work very hard and very smart as well by understanding the nuances of the activity by reading others suggestions and participating in forums. If an author  writes 10 hubs in 18 months and then bemoans lack of earnings, nobody can help him. You need to write number of articles as well as ensure that there is reader interest and reader utility in them.

Titles/Topics - "I never write a hubpage with an identical or very similar title to another existing hubpage, unless that hubpage is very poor quality." It seldom works to compete with a reasonably popular existing page in the article platform. Use Keyword Tool to identify popular keyword phrases and search your article platform and then using Google search articles on other platforms. Write articles for titles having  popular medium or long-string keyword phrase and has some revenue potential.  No point of writing articles if there is no interest from readers.

Using Twitter: "I tweet every hubpage."  Twitter is a nofollow website. But certain other sites pick up twitter messages and they give dofollow links.
"I ensure that each of my hubs is bookmarked at  three bookmarking sites and  on a personal blogger site." You need to develop backlinks for the success of your articles.

"Tagging has become one of my absolute priorities." We knol authors are not using category feature provided by Knol.

According to me all the ideas given in this account by Ryankett are logical and benefit authors. Knol authors need to notice them and use them.


backlinks are important. Knol authors Jagadeesh also mentioned it in his knol How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page? but he did not give more elaboration of it.

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Knol Author Narayana Rao got 100,000 page views in October 2011

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It takes 3 hours to write a 500 wordpost and to review it  after six months, another half an hour is required. It would mean in a typical 8 hour work day, the full time persons posts 2 new articles and reviews two articles and rest of the time goes for personal allowances. This implies in a 25 day work month, one full time person can post 50 articles of 500 words each and review 50 old article.

In the blogs that are considered as excellent there are some with even 10,000 posts. Many popular blogs have 5000 posts. The professional bloggers use guest bloggers but edit their posts.
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