Saturday, March 17, 2012

Knol Bulletin Board System

Knol Forum has a more elaborate list of knols,   wherein knol authors and visitors can get together and discuss things.



I suggested to Knol Help to create a bulletin board for knol so that common messages can be scribbled by visitors and authors, various announcements can be made through that bulletin board and also  opinions expressed regarding knol platform, its facilities, knols and author community efforts etc. Knol help team acknowledged suggestion.

I opened a  knol in November 2008  to act as a sample bulletin board.
From this bulletin board some material was transferred to an archive

 November 2008

As bulletin board is a common property of author community, we rotated the knol from author to author.

Sajid Khan opened the knol in December 2008

December 2008 bulletin board (opened by Sajid Khan)

January Bulletin Board   The BULLETIN BOARD 2009 

archives of the bulletin board.

Knol Team opened a Bulletin Board in February 2009

Current bulletin board Bulletin Board 2011, for Authors and Visitors



General feedback about the Knol site and project

A bulletin board to meet, greet, and share your impressions of Knol.

The bulletin board opened by Knol Help  is yet to get any special promotion. It is implemented as a comment writing system. Hence it does not appear in New Knols of the day also. It needs to be brought out into the open and given visibility so that knol community members use it more frequently.

It is now not operating. It is not accepting further comments.
Original Knol - 2utb2lsm2k7a/ 1175

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