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Knol Search toolkit not working. What is to be done?

Use Google Custom Knol Search facility


Does Knol have the traction to get visitors and page views?

Yes. Knol has the traction to get visitors and page views provided authors choose popular issues and then promote their article through Twitter, Orkut, Facebook, blog and Digg etc.
IPL 4 - Indian Premier League 2011 - Match 40 MI vs KXIP - Match Videos - Full Match and Highlights posted only yesterday has 300 page views in knol stats, 100 page views in Analyticsf stats and has visitors from various search engines and for 55 key words. This clearly shows that Knol as a platform has the traction. Author have to come out with content on popular topics and then promote the articles appropriately. Authors cannot take post and forget approach.
1 May 2011
What is the assessment of Knol by scoreinthebox?
Yahoo indexed pages 822,764
Yahoo backlinks 17,407 for url

Entire site has 779,171 backlinks
Indexed pages and backlinks are related to page views of a platform. Observe the linkage in
More and more content is to brought on Knol to improve its performance.


What is the performance of Knol authors in comparison to other article platforms.

There are some knols that help you to find the answer.


Weekly Page Views of TOP Knol Authors

List of Top Viewed Authors on Knol
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Knol Authors of a City

Q. Is there a way to search and find knol authors of a particular city or area.
You can use search facility. Mention the name of the city and specify author names as the field to be seached. You will get some authors, if they specified city name in their profile description.
You can find authors of a city or of a country seekin in the Most Viewed Authors Award.

You can see a search link in Colorado - State - USA - Knol Authors - Knols - Education

Dear All, I have a small but a serious doubt. Yesterday night i did some homework on one of my knols and i uploaded some illustration and photographs too.  But unfortunately today morning when i checked two of them, the latest two were missing, I was really shocked and saddened but today again in the after noon again I was doing
 the some same job to post it again an hour later it suddenly appeared, I don't know how this happened i do not remember i put that into the open collaboration mode.   If its in Open collaboration mode someone can remove everything is n't it. now i am worried about some of my knols which are in open category, any way i always keep an extra copy in my file,  Thank God its now there, i changed it to moderate collaboration if its in that cat. others can't delete it.  what is the other solution if suppose it got deleted? PV Ariel
22. Does behavioral finance advocate trading like technical analysis?
Only if there is a behavioral explanation about the "signals" found (for example a detection of investor underreaction or overreaction). In other cases, TA is considered as "representativeness heuristic", a simplified way to interpret data and a belief that the past can tell what the future will be, which can lead to "noise trading" and "overtrading" with too much money spent on brokerage fees. Peter Greenfinch
23. What is white noise?  
The collaboration of biologists Joseph Martin and William Saidel and computer scientist Dawei Hong  reveals that noise has biological benefits. Specifically, the Rutgers-Camden researchers produced a mathematical theory promoting the idea that white noise actually enhances hearing, a discovery that could lead to major improvements in hearing-aid technology. This interesting news I found in the Rutgers Magazine. Though it still does not answer the question. - Sajid Khan
24. Is there any knol with 100,000 visitors?
At of right now, it looks like The Self by Kevin Spaulding is it, with 104540 page views. (Now, a page view is not the same as a unique visitor, as a person returning to the knol multiple times generates multiple page views but is only one visitor.)

To see the most viewed knols, one technique is to go to the Search Toolkit, search for some common word (such as "the") and sort by visitors. Here .
25. What are daily page views of Knol?
The answer may be simple. It may represent how many people watches the corresponding page. (if my understanding is not right, please revise my answer) Sungjin Kim 25.4.2009
Daily page views of Knol is an interesting statistics or metric that tells how popular is knol. We as authors will feel happy as mile stone after mile stone is crossed by knol. The page view figure fluctuates but we compare peak after peak.
It will be good if knol platform marketing team annouces this measure periodically. Actual there can be knol counters to give various measures of knol performance. It may become the most popular knol page.
Counter for number of new knols published and cumulative knols.
Counter for number of authors registered and cumulative number of authors
Page views per day and cumulative page views.
I am sure many knol authors will visit such a page every time they come to knol. Many visitors may visit it. Many other news agencies will visit it. It will be a very useful page. Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. 25.4.2009

26. Is there a way to delete or alter author's selection of favorite knols

Yes. Visit the knol that you want to remove from your list of "favorite knols". Click on the star, to cause it to toggle off. If you go back to your profile page, you will see that is no longer in your list of favorite knols.
Initially the question and answer board is implemented by writing and answering questions in this space.
But Mr. McNally (Tech Lead of Knol) questioned why we are not using comments facility which gives a more attractive format for question and answers.
So the way of implementing Q & A board is changed.
Write your question in a comment box
 Answers are to be given by authors and visitors as replies to the comment.

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  1. photon is said as ray of electrons then why we can't transfer electricity by it?

    1. The concept of photon is that it is massless, has no electric charge, and is stable.

      As it has no electric charge,electricity can't be tranmitted through it.

  2. The concept of photon is that it is massless, has no electric charge, and is stable.

    As it has no electric charge,electricity can't be tranmitted through it.