Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Followership Marketing - How to Get More Followers to Your Blog?

Some blogs have many followers. How did they get those followers?

Some blogs with good number of followers

Psychology Blog has 45,000 subscribers.
Closet Cooking a blogspot is a featured on Blogger Google+ page. The facebook page of the blog has 14,740 likes.
A tumblr blogger claims 10,000 followers
Claims 5000 followers  1213 members

To understand the process of getting followerships to blogs, we can learn from articles to get followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

3 General Tips to get targeted Twitter following
Market your account offline.
Write on trending topics
Provide useful content to current followers and  always look for new follower's wants also.

Inform potential followers before a milestone.
If you are 10 short of 100 inform.
If you are 100 short of 1000 inform.

My ideas

You have to write a blog that is of interest certain category of people.
For example I wrote blogs on IIT JEE preparation ( This blog is of specific interest thousands of students appearing for the entrance examination. I could get 800 members for the Orkut community that I started without any special effort.

Follower marketing is needed and useful when one is posting on a regular or frequent basis. If one is not posting on a regular basis, then search engine marketing is more appropriate.

If you want to focus on follower marketing, then try to establish relationship with the followers. Send messages to them, reply to their comments and engage in conversation and find what they want to know or read. Frequently ask their feedback on utility of your posts.

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