Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12,000 Online Articles and 6000 Visitors a day

This is the statement by a blogger. He had written that it took 9 years for him to reach that position of around 12,000 articles in different web sites. The daily rate of articles is four initially and now may be two. The size of the articles is average 300 words. It takes an hour for him to write two articles. If we think that he is getting 12,000 page views, simple adsense income can be $12. But he must be monetizing well and may be he is getting more number of page views per visitor also. He claims to be earning $45 a day. But he makes a warning don't count your earning right from the day one. It takes time to build up the content bank and then promote your content bank. Try for a full year and see whether you are able to attract visitors. If you are able to attract visitors then continue and keep adding to your online portfolio. The writer is a successful online income earner and online authors can take his experience as a guide.

Visit http://aplawrence.com/foo-web/two-a-day.html  for more details given by A.P. Lawrence

The issue of online articles and visitors/page views is an interesting issue for me. This interest started from the time when I first read that active wikipedia pages have 2 page views per day. From this information I estimated that knols in general will have one page view per day. But still knols do not have one page view per day. This is so because most of the knol authors are not taking interest in promoting their articles. May be they are not even ensuring that their knols are indexed by search engines. They do not have guidance also on this issue. Even though there are many SEO writers on Knol, they also are not taking interest in their own posts and are not sparing effort to advise other authors on a consistent basis about promoting knols.

3000 blog posts in 3 years. Experience of a full time blogger.


Interesting Online Article Platform Feasibility Report


The project assumes that a good article will have 3 page impressions or views per day. The feasibility is worked out on the basis of million articles.


Knol 5000

My knol portfolio now has peak visitors numbers close to 3000, and page views number close to 4000.
This knol portfolio had a peak daily visitors number of 2173. Hence its performance is similar to Lawrence's portfolio in attracting visitors. Page views per visit is much smaller than Lawrence's portfolio,


A big blog with thousands of posts

http://www.successful-blog.com/ may be having around 5000 posts and still going strong. Worth having a look at it to understqand successful blogging.

How I got 100,000 hits  per month - Ted Nuyten
Ad rates online sites with 100,000 visitors per month

Original Knol - http://knol.google.com/k/narayana-rao/12-000-online-articles-and-6000/2utb2lsm2k7a/ 3805

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