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Time to Promote Your Blogs - Time to Promote Knol

Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area

This article was originally prepared to encourage knol authors to promote their knols. But the arguments is valid for blogs and it will be developed here.

Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area

There is good content in all languages. There are 50,000 knols that received good page views. Knol authors of all languages have to come together and promote knol and knols in social media. Knol can get 600,000 page views per day from the 600,000 knols that are there on Knol now. From there it can go on to one million page views per day.


Now Knol has sufficient content for Knol authors to launch a big promotion campaign. There are six hundred thousand knols in various subjects and categories. There are knols in education category and there are knols in entertainment and shopping categories also. But Knol is positioned as a knowledge platform and education category dominates the discussions on Knol both inside the Knol platform as well as outside. Education category knols are the most visible knols and many professors and students have contributed knols.

How can we find the number of  knols published so far?

Knol informed us:
Knol help has given the following suggestion to estimate the knols written so far.

How many knols have been published?
We don't provide an official number, but there are two easy ways you can estimate the number.
  1. Look at the number of search results that returns for the search []
  2. Look at the number of search results that the Search Toolkit returns for a common word in a language of interest. For example, search for [a].
Using either technique, you can estimate the number of published knols in a particular language by restricting the search to a particular language. 
Now I used both the methods and got the following information(5.6.2011).
The search link in Top Knols - 2008 to Current Day - All Categories Combined    shows that there are 400,000 English knols now on Knol. How many are there in other languages? Will they be another 400,000? We do not know. We need estimates from authors of other languages.

The search [] returned 592,000 results. This can be a reasonable estimate for the number of knols on the Knol platform on 5.6.2011. We are going to complete 3 years of public operations in July 2011 and a total of 600,000 knols would be posted by that time.
The language break up gives these figures:
English  479,000
Arabic 60,200
Spanish 17,000
Italian 14,000
French 12,000
German 10,500
Korean 9,320
Hindi 6,630
Portuguese  5,630
Russia, 5,400
Japanese 4,360
Dutch 1,320
Hebrew 927 

Are There Popular, Valuable and Useful Articles on Knol Platform?

Yes there are many popular and useful articles on Knol. For instance, I am presently getting 2500 page views per day in Google Analytics data from around 500 knols. It means each knol is getting 5 page views per day. It is a high number.
There are now sufficient number of knols with 100,000 cumulative page views and many more knols wil register such page view numbers in the coming days. There are knols which are getting 2500 and more page views in a week in Knol counter stats. The popular knols are now visible in various search results

How can we Promote Knol?

Many of use are promoting our knols. If many of us can do promotion simultaneously for large number of knols, say 50,000, the impact will be significant in social media. First of all the media will take note of the increased activity of Knol authors in social media. Some of the media persons will comment on it. We knol performance of knol is elastic with respect to promotion. When we are promoting, we are getting increased page views. The combined promotion activity will result in a significant increase in page views of knol and we ourselves can report better performance of Knol. Social media will follow us.

What can be our expectations?

600,000 page views per day from 600,000 knols.
Is it possible? Yes. I observe that from 500 knols, I get 2500 page views per day. Hence we need to focus on 50,000 knols and get 250,000 page views from them. The rest 350,000 knols will contribute 350,000 page views.

How to Promote 50,000 Knols?

One idea can be that 500 knol authors prepare 500 to 1000 knol collections having 100 or 50 knols as the case may be and these 500/1000 knol collections are promoted in  social media.

Are Knol Collections doing well?

Knol Books - Catalogue  50,000 page views
More examples of Knol Collections

Knol authors can prepare collections for their knols exclusively and one more collection for others' knol in their area or in general. Once we know those knols, we can promote such knols as per our convenience, through blogs,  Buzz, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin, Digg, Stumble upon and various other forums. There is definitely good content on Knol. It will expand further if we recognize and appreciate authors and encourage it by promoting it. Lack of active promotion is the main short coming of Knol now. Active knol authors have to come forward and take it up. 

Is it feasible to get 250,000 page views for 50,000 knols?

Yes it is. See the table
50,000 Top Knols - 250,000 Page-views Per Day - Possible
We can have many knols getting only one page view per day and still achieve 5 per average. It is possible. We need to identify 50,000 knols and launch a promotion campaign.
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What are daily visitors and page view numbers for Knol platform?

Quantcast Figures on Knol

Trying to come out with a figure. gives a maximum of 20,000 US visits per day. Can we assume that 200 countries put together Knol has 200,000 visits per day?
In my case, during the last 30 days total visits were 47,521 and visits from USA were 7,193. That gives the picture that total is approximately 7 times that of US visitors.

I think we can take up the target of doubling US visitors in Quantcast stats in one year time.

The quantcast needs to monitored more frequently to understand thtr performance of Knol.
It shows all time performance as Max; 365 K monthly visits (29/10/2010) and Max people as 300 K monthly visitors (11/2/2009).
When one goes to last one year performance Max; 365 K monthly visits (29/10/2010) remains the same and max people changes to 296K (10/11/2010). We now need to look for increase in performance in these figures. My portfolio performance shows continuous increase in visitors and page view numbers and it shows the potential to increase further.  (Knol Page Views and Visitors - Historical Record - K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao )


Collected Knols


Authors - Please add your collections and lists to this knol

Authors are requested to add their collections and lists to this collection.

Thank you
Narayana Rao - 10 Jun 2011

Short urls
Narayana Rao - 10 Jun 2011
Informed the Google Knol Users group about this Knol.
Narayana Rao K V S S - 10 Jun 2011

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