Saturday, April 14, 2012

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At least one million websites and blogs are making money. Yes many can try to enter this group. Blogging is one of the activities that people can try to take it up as a profession or business. Every year at least 5% percent people may go out of this one million group and new persons take over their place. Why you can can't get into the one million group? Try. then only you will know.

Remember money earned through blogs depends on the visitors and page views. Have a plan to reach 100,000 page views per month as a first important milestone in income blogging. May be then you can think of monetizing that stream at 1$ per 1000 to $10 per thousand. You reach a stage where you can give serious attention to monetization and less to content creation and promotion for some time. Reach your monetization goal and then switch attention to new content creation and promotion.

Articles on Income Blogging

Classic Articles

How to make money from your blog - By Steve Pavlina 3rd May 2006  Star Income Blogger - Very good article

How to make money blogging  - Mark P. Knowles

Monetizing Blogs and Making Money - Blogging - Blogger Tips

Recent Articles on Various Issues Related to Making Money

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How much Money I am making or Blogger is making?

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Blogs on Income Blogging 

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