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Writing Hundred (100) Knols - A Goal of Knol - Campaign

Writing 100 articles is advocated and promoted on many article publishing web sites. 100 good articles are likely to provide meaningful adsense revenue to an author. Hence authors need to plan and write 100 knols to promote the article platform of their choice and also to make meaningful revenue out of it.
2nd Year Goal of Knol
Encouragement of Knol Visitors and Effort of Knol Authors are the Key Drivers
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Why Hundred (100) Knols?

Writing hundred (100) articles is advocated and promoted on many article publishing web sites. 100 good articles are likely to provide meaningful adsense revenue to an author. Hence authors need to plan and write 100 knols to promote the article platform of their choice and also to make meaningful revenue out of it.
(See a hubpage related blog post of a blogger - 100 pages in 30 days challenge:
One idea for writing 100 knols is to take up a major area for writing. If you take up say, electrical engineering for writing knols. You can then identify various subjects in the curriculum of electrical engineering and start writing on various topics under each of the subjects. Plan to write two knols a week. Within a year, your 100 knol portfolio is ready.

How many page views can you expect from 100 knols?

Social media websites that source articles from amateur writers have low page views per article. Wikipedia has 2 page views per article per day. But knol may have only one page view per article per day on average. This could be so because there will be quality differences between knols and also hyperlinking will not be much between knols. So if you are an average writer you can expect 100 page views per day and therefore 36,500 page views per year. If you are good and above average you may think of three page views per day and you may get 100,000 page views in year. So you can see the importance of number knols to have significant page view number to your article portfolio.
From my collection of centurion knollers, I find that good number of knols and good number of page views are going together. That is the expected relationship and it is happening.
Centurion Knollers - Knol Authors. There are 79 knol authors in this list updated on 28 February 2010. Still more authors could be there who posted more than 100 knols. Please inform through a comment if you come across more authors. Plan to join the list quickly.

Do You Want $100 per Month?

A writer of Associated. com mentioned that daily page views of 2000 will give $100 per month as revenue. Even as Adsense revenue you need 2000 page views per day. He also wrote that one requires 100 to 300 knols to reach that level. Even these knols have to be high quality. Getting 10 page views per day per knol requires really popular knols with each knol getting 3650 page views per year. Yes, there are many authors who have done it on many article sites and you also will be one of them if you start writing and write to a plan in your field of knowledge and expertise.

How Much Time will it take to write a Knol?

It  depends. Some article sites attract writers by saying it will take a half-an-hour. We know it is not true. Still to keep writing knols, one needs to put a time limit and monitor it. Say, it will take four hours to write a knol. Can you spare 8 hours a week to write two knols a week? 

Hubbers Celebrate Their 100th Hub - Knol Authors?


Squidoo Authors Also Celebrate - Knol Authors?


Do I Have Plan to Write 100 Knols?

Yesterday I made my plan to write 100 knols in the next year.
The first article in the project is Interesting Articles and Information From Industrial Engineering (IIE) Magazine - 1980. I plan to publish 2 knols every week under this initiative in the subject of industrial engineering which involves study of all the issues of the magazine published each year and compiling the information from it under the topics human effort engineering, systems efficiency engineering and systems design components of industrial engineering. A year long study and consolidation of important points will help me in providing better inputs in my classes regarding the evolution of industrial engineering over the last 50 years.
What is your plan? Think about it and develop a theme.

Centurion Knollers

79 Authors identified as on 28.2.2010
Some of them are:
For  More Details of Centurion Knol Authors

Potential Century Knol Writers

Antonio Centeno (96 knols + 3  11.6.2010)
ATANU SHAW (88 knols  4.5.2010) Completed 100 knols
Claes Johnson (76 knols 26.5.2010)
Klaus Rohde (87 knols + 6 collections   26.5.2010)
 lahem Al nasser (84 knols 26.5.2010) (Writes on Islamic Banking)
Lyonel Baum (784 knols + 7  26.5.2010)
Marcus Scholz (69 +2   26.5.2010) 108991 cpv
Ricardo Calderon Magaña (91 knols 26.5.2010)
United Church of God (76 knols  3.5.2010) 
Wilson Villaure  82 knols + 14 collections
Thiyagaraaj M 78 knols + 17 collections (wpv:2335) (3.5.`2010)
Miloš Havlíček 81 knols + 3 collections (2.3.2010)
Victor Holman Presently 86 knols and 2 collections
Performance Management Consultant at Lifecycle Performance ProfessionalsAlexandria, VA

Daniel Snyder  101 knols and 38,166 cum page views and 1565 wpv (3.5.2010)
Facility Manager at Community Association Underwriters, Inc.
Yardley, PA 
Completed 100 knols
ahmed elserwy 99 knols (2.3.2010) (100 knols  23.3.2010)
Rajamanickam Antonimuthu presently 38 knols and 61 collections completed 100 knols
Software Engineer, Harrisburg, PA
David Gray
Graduate Student, Cambridge, MA
sudharani kuram
Assistant professor , Hyderabad, India
Murray Johannsen
Southern California, Los Angles Area
Seth Abramson
Attorney and Writer, Madison, WI
Amjith PS
Software Engg, India
Pratyush Mittal
Student, Lucknow, India
Drew Withers
Engineer, Lockheed Martin, Provo, UT
Katy Dig
Unitek Education
Alessandro Giuntini
Knoler, Technical designer, AP Publishing, Pisa
Gary Helwig
Internet Businessman,, Gaithersburg, MD
Growing Generations, LLC and Fertility Cryobank, LLC, Founder & President, Growing Generations, LLC
Paul Morrison
Idler, Los Angeles

Goal of Knol campaign Series Knols

original knol - Number 1912

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