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Internet Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs



Top 1000 websites - Google Adplanner Presentation
Tue unique visitors and page views are for a month

Top 17 Most visited sites  Starts with 1 Facebook Starts with number 17


Every knol author is an internet entrepreneur. Of course, they can be tiny scale entrepreneurs. There are mega internet entrepreneurs like founders of Google, Yahoo and Amazon. After the first round of great internet entrepreneurs, second round is now appearing. Founders of Facebook and Twitter are now the popular internet entrepreneurs. Many more will emerge in future.

But at small scale level, there will be many opportunities for persons interested to become businessmen and self employed persons.

Resources for Internet Entrepreneur Ideas and Support

Windows Phone 7 Applications writing opportunity
13 year teenager is making money by writing Windows Phone 7 applications and using AdCenter ads

App Entrepreneurs
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Web and Mobile Apps - Applications - Enterpreneurship

Another Internet Bubble
I want to participate in this dynamic market.

Interviews with 63 Internet entrepreneurs
Business Plan for an Online Article Platform - Comments   (last post in 2009)

Interesting Internet Enterprises


What is value of Knol platform?
$30 million based on Yahoo paid $5.62 for acquiring Associated

In India, E-Commerce sites are being supported by venture capitalists. This time they feel, there are 100 million internet connections in India and therefore E-Commerce sites have better prospects to cash on.

Dropbox  has 25 million users.

Google Entrepreneurs



Video sharing site

Acquisitions of Web Properties and Alliances

Youtube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen acquired social bookmarking site Delicious from Yahoo.
Valuation of Websites in 2011
For monthly unique visitor, AOL paid Huffington post $12.6.
AOL paid Techcrunch $27 a visitor
Yahoo paid $5.62 for acquiring Associated
(Funding for Ac  )
(Yahoo buys AC )  AC has 16 million visitors per month. Yahoo has 600 million visitors.

KPMG Valuation sheet for May 2010
Sugar Network of blogs leaves NBC alliance for advertisements
In 2008, Sugar network has 4.6 unique visitors per month and wanted to sell advertisements on its own instead of relying on NBC for which it was paying 50% of the ad revenue as commission.
Seqeoia invests in Blog Network Sugar Publishing  October 2006
Yahoo acquires Delicious for $15 to $20 million
About Some Internet Enterprises
Joomla - 7.4 million visitors per month
2 million unique visitors per month
Mashable 2.6 million followers.
monthly traffic 5.16 million
About Google 50 amazing facts has 172,443 unique visitors from 190 countries (per month or day not specified in the article)
Visitors and Valuation -
25 most valuable blogs
Original knol - 4219

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