Tuesday, April 17, 2012

eBook Writing and Self-Publishing

Amanda Hocking, at the age of 26 is making a million dollar a year by publishing ebooks through kindle. Interesting and excisting news for authors or wordsmiths. Blogging gave birth to professional bloggers and some millionairre bloggers. eBooks also now are earning millions for authors and some of them are independent or self publishing authors.

Is it easy to publish an ebook and make money. Not easy. Is it easy to publish an online article and get visitors. No, many bloggers know it now and many knol authors also know it now. It is not easy. You have to sell your online article, even though it is free. Same thing with your kindle ebook. Alex Wilhelm emphasizes that point in his article on his experience of publishing an ebook on kindle (http://thenextweb.com/us/2010/07/17/a-trip-through-kindle-the-authors-perspective/    ).

Kindle provides the self publishing platform to facilitate independent authors. http://kdp.amazon.com Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle is offering 70% royalty net of costs for sales in USA.

eBook Publishing Successes

Stieg Larsson is the first author to sell million ebooks on Amazon (27 July 2010).

Selling 1000 Ebooks for Month! It is Success - No doubt

Derek J. Canyon asserts so. Even if an author sells 1000 ebooks a month at 99 cents and gets only 350 dollars a month it is success. It is beginning as a successful hobby. If he is able to sell a later date 1000 ebooks a month at $2.99 and starts making $2000 per month he has arrived as a writer who makes serious money.

The article http://derekjcanyon.blogspot.com/2011/01/keys-to-epublishing-success.html  has a list of 59 authors selling 1000 books per month. The list for December is available on a kindle forum discussion topic.

Read Konrath's April 2010's interview wherein he pointed out that he is likely to make $10,000 per month. Of course now that Amanda Makes $100,000 per month, $10,000 is not anymore big.

Popular areas to write Ebooks


Business and money making
Health well-being and fitness
Hobbies sports and creation
Politics religion and society
Self improvement
Family and relationships







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