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The Spirit of Religions

The Spirit of Christianity ,The Spirit of Hinduism ,The Spirit of Islam, The Spirit of many other religions - Buddhism,

This article is motivated by the article published in The Times of India 9.6.2010 with the title "The Spirit of Islam."
The article was concluded with the statement "The spirit of Islam lies not in compulsion, but free will, not in punishment but forgiveness, not in justice but compassion, not in extremism but moderation."

Ideas Expressed by His Holiness The Pope in 1947
"We place all our faith in God and after, God, we look towards the faithful of the world."

Our fundamental principles are to co-operate unreservedly towards social justice.

The idea of church is to establish peace really worthy of men.

It is certainty that Christ lives and works in each of us.

The future belongs to the energetic who think and act boldly and not to the timid and irresolute.

The future belongs to those who love and not to those who hate.

Social Justice - A Message by His Holiness The Pope in 1947    )


The world needs, at times, criticisms, even fierce ones, but that is only for a time and the work of eternity is progress and construction, and not criticism and destruction.

"That science is the greatest which makes us know Him who never changes."

(Swami Vivekananda, The Common Bases of Hinduism, Lecture delivered at Lahore, From the Book Youth of India, Fifth Edition, Advaita Ashrama, 1972)




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